World’s Most Tattooed Person


Lucky Diamond Wealthy, born in 1971 in New Zealand, has held the World Guinness Record title of the most tattooed individual because 2003 with more than 1000 hours on the chair. And in 2006, he became one hundred-percent tattooed man. Surprisingly, he has tattoos covering his complete physique like the inside of his foreskin, mouth and ears. To personal this wonderful perform, Fortunate Rich has been tattooed in more than 250 studios by more than 120 tattooists. He shared that as a young boy, he harbored thoughts of becoming the most tattooed men in the globe. In addition to that, he is talented in functionality such as sword-swallowing, unicycling and juggling. Let’s see images and videos related to this man as follows.



Lucky Diamond Rich is the world’s most tattooed person in the planet according to the Guinness Book of Planet Records.


He is so heavily tattooed that he even has tattoos in his ears and mouth area.


Fortunate Richhas held the record as the most tattooed individual because 2003 with more than 1150 hours on the chair.


He is now placing white designs on best of his black ink.


Lucky Rich even has his foreskin tattooed.


The delicate skin between his toes as effectively as his gums is tattooed, too.


After all the blood, sweat and tears, Lucy Wealthy became the world’s most tattooed particular person.



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