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Dublin reserves a warm welcome and a pint of Guinness to everyone who crosses the sea to discover the country. This multi-cultural, festive and friendly environment has seen Dublin become one of the best destinations for tattooing in Europe. You will find here no less than 200 tattoo studios and 2000 tattoo artists from diverse origins sharing the same passion of tattooing, all contributing to the development of the tattoo industry in Ireland.


Thanks to them, the city is an open museum to modern art where street painting, music and tattooing contribute to the amazing spirit of Temple Bar. Dublin has became the home of some of the most talented tattoos artists in the world and as a group of artists we’re happy to be in this city.


The Black Hat Tattoo was created in 2016 and the studio has built a strong collective of artists that belong together because they share the same values of what qualitative and professional tattooing needs to be. They are both artists and tattoo artists, and the collective has become one of the most popular tattoo parlours in Dublin.


However, the tattoo shop didn’t get where they are simply because of the quality of their tattoo artists, body piercer and staff. But thanks to their customers who not only come from Dublin but travel from all over the world, bringing their ideas, good vibes, trust and support.

Thanks for supporting us when we started. Thanks for spreading the word year after year to your loved ones, friends and mates. Thanks for helping us to grow and to believe in what we believe.

Today The Black Hat Tattoo is one of the trendy places to visit when you reach the city as we keep a traditional atmosphere that you can experience everywhere in Dublin with the warm Irish welcome we are proud of.

This post has been sponsored by The Black Hat Tattoo. 

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