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Tatts for Cats – a nationwide tattoo themed fundraiser to help cat charities is back for 2019!

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The tattoo events will take place across the country, featuring a mixture of traditional walk-in flash days and bookable appointments. Each artist and tattoo shop will be drawing cat themed designs especially for Tatts for Cats.  

Organiser Dolly Osborne is an ex-nurse, cat lover and tattoo enthusiast. Her nursing career gave her a natural desire, or perhaps came from a natural desire, to help people. Mental health and other physical health issues meant that Dolly had to leave nursing, but that didn’t quell her desire to help those in need and ‘do something’, so she turned her attention to cats.

Last year, Dolly volunteered with Coventry Cats Protection, in order to fundraise and reach new audiences she founded Tatts for Cats. Three Coventry based tattoo studios, Grizzly’s Art Collective, Queen of Hearts Tattoo Parlour and The Drawing Room, took part last year. With three tattoo flash days and two raffles, they raised £2002 for Coventry Cats Protection.


This year Dolly is working to raise money for Keighley Cat Care with more paw-some cat flash, raffles and prizes. This year there are  ten studios taking part, from Edinburgh to Cornwall, with 25 artists in total so far, these include:

Birmingham: Amy Victoria Bryant at Loco Tattoo Lounge. Tattoo flash designs for Thursday 17th October, message Amy on Instagram.

tattoo cat flash

Cornwall: Hannah Ritchie at Sanzaru Tattoo Studio in Penryn. Tattoo event confirmed for 8th and 9th October.

Coventry: The artists at Grizzly Art Collective will be holding an event on 26th October. Artists include; Danny Dygas, Steph Hesketh, Aga Wojtczak and Aidan Murphy

Queen Of Hearts Tattoo Parlour are also holding a flash day in Coventry. Artists include: Natalie, Jamie Rayburn, Tyler Wainwright, Kate Stenner, Tom Chippendale and their apprentice @renrelix. Follow their Instagram for updates.

Edinburgh: Joanne Baker and Michelle Maddison at Semper. Event confirmed for Sunday 22nd September.

cat charity flash

Keighley: Em Higgins tattoo artist at The Little Tattoo Rooms will be tattooing flash for the event on 5th October.

Lincoln: Zoe Fraser at The Tattooed Arms.

Liverpool: The Painted Ladies tattoo studio will be doing flash. Check out their Instagram for details.

London: Briar Rose Tattoo artists include; Tiggy and Sammie Jones. Event confirmed for 12th October.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cock A Snook Tattoo Parlour ‘s tattooing team charity day is on 19th October. Artists taking part include: Becky Foster, Steph White and Lily Rafferty.

Cat flash Newcastle

Newcastle: Lauren Spoors at Blind Tiger on 12th October. Her tattooing slots are now full.

Nottingham: Epona Art & Tattoo studio with Martin Crosthwaite and Theresa Gordon-Wade tattooing from their flash sheets on 5th October.

Follow TattsforCats on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and more details.  Purr-fect… 

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