Tattoo Machines : Tattoo Artists and the Meaning of Tattoos


Whether you’re about to get your initial tattoo or it is the subsequent one particular in your collection, it’s constantly beneficial to know if the symbol that your tattoo artist is about to whip out his tattoo machine and permanently ink you with has an appropriate meaning!

So what are the meanings behind the myriad of tattoos out there? Some of them are fairly apparent but some other people you might not know – and they might even affect your choice when picking a tattoo.

So study on and hopefully you’ll obtain a tiny insight into what that tattoo you’re thinking about – or maybe even currently have – indicates.

All Seeing Eye ~ this effectively recognized symbol of an eye in a pyramid or triangle surrounded by light represents perception and spiritual insight. Some cultures believes it wards off evil too

Anchor ~ an old seafarer’s tattoo which was hoped to guarantee safety and salvation to its wearer

Bat ~ possibly contrary to well-liked belief the bat has long represented happiness, luck and good fortune

Bird ~ birds have a lot of symbolism and can be utilised variously to depict themes of birth, longevity, freedom and peace

Butterfly ~ another one particular with lots of which means relating to life which includes freedom, transformation, reincarnation and the fragility of getting alive

Devil ~ can be a sinister demon or a cute, playful cartoon. Depending on the style the devil can be depicted as completely evil or simply mischievous however he always represents want and lust

Dog ~ loyalty and faithfulness are the which means of the dog tattoo, even though many men and women have a portrait of a deceased pet as a tribute

Eagle ~ this mighty bird represents strength and might, as properly as being a patriotic symbol in the USA

Mermaid ~ for clear causes, the mythical half woman, half fish is a symbol of seduction and temptation

Phoenix ~ as in the ancient stories involving phoenixes, this bird represents rebirth, resurrection and immortality

Snake ~ due to its varying photos inside diverse cultures, the snake can be utilized to symbolize knowledge and wisdom, destruction and temptation (as in the Bible) or rebirth and renewal (due to the shedding of its skin)

Sun ~ sun tattoos are an indication of the providing and sacredness of life and of warmth and nurture

Swallow ~ when the preserve of sailors, the old school swallow tattoo is now hugely common. It represents excellent luck and residence-coming, particularly after an arduous journey

Yin Ying ~ the ancient Chinese symbol of two components producing 1 complete entity: light and dark, male and female, very good and evil. This is a well-liked option for those wishing to acknowledge the harmony that can only come from these 2 sides existing together

This is just a tiny selection of some of the very best identified tattoo symbols but for 100’s far more check out the rest of the net as whether you are searching for designs, ideas and hints or a new tattoo machine for your studio – there’s a wealth of tattoo-associated info out there.

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