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23-year-old Sofia Angelita works as a resident artist at Low Tide Tattoo in Southend-on-Sea and she also regularly guests at Kings Cross Tattoo London and Angelic Hell Brighton. We caught up with Sofia to chat about her style and influences…

How long have you been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing for two years or so.

What do you love the most about tattooing? Now that’s a tricky question, I love most things about tattooing! I love the daily creativity and freedom I’m lucky enough to have at work and that it never feels like work! But I’m sure every tattooist thinks that! I also love meeting new people and making them happy in some way!

You work in both colour and black, which do you prefer? In all honesty I don’t think I have a preference, colour definitely takes a different kind of thought process for me personally than black work or black and grey. Colour also takes a longer time for me but I really enjoy the both!


Who are your tattoo icons? Or artists that you admire? There are so many artists that blow my mind  technically and for creativity. Rebecca Vincent will always be a huge icon to me, I met and got tattooed by her very early on when I was finishing my apprenticeship. She took so much time for me and was very informative and helpful and really gave me that extra moral boost I needed at that time, which she really didn’t have to do. Also loving Oliver Macintosh, Claudia de Sabe, Barb Rebello, Adam Ruff, Horiyoshi, Sarah Schor, so many artists, the list goes on!


What would you love to tattoo? I would love to tattoo more lady faces and ornamental stuff.

How would you describe your style? I’m really bad at this question ! I’ve had some people say it’s illustrative but I’m really not sure what “box” my stuff goes in that would help me explain it? I also love tattooing ornamental pieces!

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