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27-year-old Sasha Foteev works out of a private studio in Moscow, Russia. Sasha also belongs to the professional team of Ego machines with which he works with the studio Bugpin.

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I have been involved in the tattoo scene for six years, and I got into this profession quite spontaneously. I am constantly trying new kinds of art, and besides tattoos I’m fond of graffiti. I make canvases with acrylic paint and posters with markers.

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I can describe my style as a mixture of several styles (graphics, ornament and realism). As an artist I represent creativity and activity, as a tattoo artist my first step is to search for my own style. This usually happens by testing a large number of different directions. And many of tattoo artists can’t decide what exactly they like: is it Japanese, Tradition or Watercolor with realism? Likewise it was very difficult for me so I chose a combination of several styles. I like the contrast between styles, shadows, blending and hard-edge painting.

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I’m inspired by a combination of styles and techniques, I like the visual combination of lines and smooth shadows.My favourite artists are Aivazovsky and Vrubel for their diligence and memorable style. And there are many modern ones, but it’s there are too many to list. In the tattoo world, I like it when people come  to me for my style and “my hands”.  I love it when they trust me and they’re ready to listen and hear my advice, especially if we have similar looks and tastes.

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I really want to work in England soon, especially at the Triplesix studio with Bez the owner of Ego machines, as well as work in other studios in Europe. I have already worked as a guest tattoo artist in Paris at Chez Meme, in Prague at One Love tattoo and in Hamburg  at Vaders Dye. In the near future I plan to participate in the Moscow tattoo convention.

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