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The sexualisation of women with tattoos |

The female body is sexually penetrative in its very nature. The skin forms a protective layer, but this can only protect so much. The argument that our skin should not be blemished is a prominent one. Tattooing a woman’s skin is a way of reclaiming it, in its purest form it is naked and sexually

Search & Rescue Denim Co. – Tattoo Aprons made by Bad Ass Women |

Search & Rescue Denim Co.  based in Canada, create extraordinary custom aprons. Running since 2012, the Search & Rescue Denim opened their flagship store, where all the aprons are made in 2015. We chat to Sarah Bromfield, about the brand’s beginnings and how you can create your own custom apron… Bad Birdy in her custom apron How

The Women of Melissa Lodu

August 5, 2018 23-year-old illustrator Melissa Lodu resides in Toronto and creates colourful representations of modern women. We love their bolshy looks and don’t-give-a-fuck attitudes… Written by Rosalie Hurr Posted in Art, Fashion and beauty Tagged with art, illustration, Melissa Lodu, Women