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time with Chris Wednesday – Things&Ink

I was once young; my skin had become storytelling, marking milestones, confirming relationships, affirming identity. Our contributor, Sarah Kay explores what changes and what stays the same when you get tattooed by the same artists years apart… I met Chris Wednesday when I was young – blonde – and making decisions about my career that

if I could turn back time… |

Perhaps you’ve fallen out with the artist, maybe they moved away or it was badly executed, but is it ever, really, okay, to get another tattooer to complete someone else’s work? This feature was written by Alice Snape, and originally published in Total Tattoo, September 2019. I look at my back in the mirror. I try not to

Time to Kill the Waste |

Everywhere we look there is plastic and it’s starting to become a big problem. Plastic waste is the environmental crisis of the 21st Century and it threatens to choke our seas and decimate aquatic ecosystems. Writer and tattoo enthusiast Matt Haddon-Reichardt met up with vegan tattooist Ashley Thomas to find out if anything can be