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Black & Grey tattoos – Denis Torikashvili |

Denis Torikashvili (TDAN)  has been tattooing since 1997, he currently tattoos at Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, California. We chat to Denis about what inspires his realism tattoos and how he got started in the industry… The first time I saw artistic looking tattoos was in American movies in the 90s, before that I had only seen military or

Liv Morgan – Pretty yet strong tattoos |

We chat to tattoo artist Liv Morgan, who tattoos out of  St. Clair’s Tattoo, Portobello, Edinburgh about how tattooing makes her feel and owning all the petty yet strong tattoos… What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? Can you tell us about your journey into the industry. I’ve always loved drawing and designing. It’s always been the

Shedding Some Light on Black Light Tattoos |

Rusty Smart from Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida reveals the secrets behind black light tattoos and their growing popularity…  C’mon, admit it – the thought of your tattoos glowing like a nuclear-waste spawned superhero is pretty cool. And although not everyone will actually go for it, there’s no denying that UV ink

Halloween Spoopy Tattoos |

It’s Halloween and we’re celebrating with our favourite #spoopy tattoos from some of favourite female tattooers. But what are spoopy tattoos you may ask? For those of you not familiar with this genre of tattoos, you’ll be pleased to know spoopy tattoos are a mixture of spooky and cute. Kinda like kawaii inspired tattoos in their colour

Beautiful mastectomy tattoos |

October 15, 2019 October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one in seven women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month nearly 5,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer. We’re sharing some of the most empowering and beautiful mastectomy tattoos in order to do our bit in raising awareness. “Boobs

The sexualisation of women with tattoos |

The female body is sexually penetrative in its very nature. The skin forms a protective layer, but this can only protect so much. The argument that our skin should not be blemished is a prominent one. Tattooing a woman’s skin is a way of reclaiming it, in its purest form it is naked and sexually

Kiera & her Cat Tattoos |

Kiera creates beautifully soft and cute cat tattoos, so adorable in fact they look like you could reach out and boop their little noses. We chatted to Kiera to find out more about that tattoos she creates and her travel plans… Currently working in Melbourne Australia, Kiera will be travelling the world from June heading