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The sexualisation of women with tattoos |

The female body is sexually penetrative in its very nature. The skin forms a protective layer, but this can only protect so much. The argument that our skin should not be blemished is a prominent one. Tattooing a woman’s skin is a way of reclaiming it, in its purest form it is naked and sexually

leather, pink and black tattoos |

We’ve been following @weemoodyjudy on Insta for a while, we love her style – think black leather trousers and pastel pinks galore – her beautiful tattoos and her inspirational illustration work. Find out more in our chat… Photos: @ryanmormelo We totally love your style, where do you get your inspiration from? Thank you so much! My

Kiera & her Cat Tattoos |

Kiera creates beautifully soft and cute cat tattoos, so adorable in fact they look like you could reach out and boop their little noses. We chatted to Kiera to find out more about that tattoos she creates and her travel plans… Currently working in Melbourne Australia, Kiera will be travelling the world from June heading

Kewpie Tattoos |

January 21, 2019 If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re just crazy about kewpies. We first shared our love for these adorable dolls in Number 3 of Things&Ink magazine – The Love Issue. Now we’re seeing that a lot of tattoo collectors and tattoo artists share our feelings for these little cuties…  @rat666tat

Halloween Tattoos Pt. 3 | The official blog for Things&Ink

October 31, 2018 It’s Halloween! Our favourite time of year, everything feels super spooky and our feed is full of amazing Halloween inspired tattoos. From devils to pumpkins, it seems you lot go crazy over Halloween too… @staceymartintattoos @livfrost_ @michaeltaguet @amberjanetattoo @sillysilje @hollarie @bootattoo89 @amytrouble @rachelbaldwintattoo @bexpriesttattoos @carolinederwenttattoo @samkanetattoo @kate_selkie @isaverri Written by Rosalie Hurr

Halloween Tattoos Pt.2 | The official blog for Things&Ink

October 22, 2018 Halloween is getting closer, the nights are drawing in and we’re stock piling the sweets for ourselves! To celebrate this spooky time for year we’re doing a mini series of Halloween inspired tattoos… @sadee_glover @jodydawber @mikelovetattooer @_cattnip @xinaxiii @stephblackcrow @gerktattoos @karolina.sylwia @emilyceetattoo @hannahflowers_tattoos @kevinraytattoos @iris_lys If you’ve got a Halloween tattoo and

Tatts for Cats: Charity Tattoos

The feline welfare charity, Cats Protection in Coventry, is holding a collection of tattoo fundraisers to help cats in the local area. Cats for Tatts will showcase three flash days in three different tattoo studios in the city of Coventry… Saturday 20th October – Queen of Hearts Tattoo Parlour, Castle Yard, Hay Lane Saturday 27th October – Grizzly’s Art