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Interview with Tattooist Ell Torres |

Ell Torres is a 31-year-old tattoo artist based at the Gold Room Tattoo (formerly Dock Street Tattoos) on Crown Street in Leeds UK. We chat to Ell about her love for all things vintage horror and her tattooing style… When did you start tattooing and what made you want to join the industry? I started an apprenticeship in

Interview with Tattooist Artem Iam |

32-year-old tattoo artist Artem Korobov Iam works out of a private studio,  in Tel Aviv Israel and creates tattoos in what he describes as a graphic style. We chat to Artem about his unique tattoo pieces and what inspires his abstract work… How long have you been tattooing? How did you become a tattooer? I work

Interview with Tattooist Joe Ankave

26-year-old Joe Ankave is a tattoo artist from Te Aviv, Israel who is currently traveling in California. We caught up with Joe to chat about his tattooing style and the tattoo scene in Israel… How long have you been tattooing and how did you get into the industry? I’ve tattooing for almost seven years now. When I

Interview with Tattooist Çağdaş Mutlu

July 29, 2018 Çağdaş Mutlu is a tattoo artist from Izmir, Turkey who creates black work tattoos, we caught up with Çağdaş to find out more about his work… Having graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty in  2005 with a fine arts pattern design degree, Çağdaş has been designing and drawing for the last 15 years. While he