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Tattooing for Mental Wellbeing |

In this post Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray discusses the important relationship between her mental health and her tattoos… Disclaimer: I want to make it clear that I speak only for myself and my own experiences. I do not generalise or speak for anyone else. I also do not prescribe or recommend things that I do. If others find

Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray: Philosophy & Tattooing |

Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, is Sessional Lecturer for Philosophy, Women’s Studies, and Social Justice & Peace Studies at King’s University College (Western), Advisory Board Member at the Centre for Tattoo History and Culture and Associate Editor for Journal of Camus Studies. Kimberly who was also a regular contributor to Things&Ink when the magazine was in print,  recently talked to Paul Fairfield

Michele Servadio on Art, Tattooing and GESTURES01

Throughout our lives, our interactions with different people, environments and experiences are what makes us who we are. Now, imagine if these inputs left a mark on the surface of the skin. That’s what tattoos are: reminders of what made you who you are. With the Body of Reverbs (B.O.R), I’m emphasising those moments. These

Felix & Loretta Leu: Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas

Crafted by Felix and Loretta Leu, Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas is a tremendous account and celebration of the lives of the Berber tribe’s female tattooers in Morocco. Brought to life with illustrations by Aia Leu and edited by Joanna Kate Grant, the book opens up a new and fascinating unseen world of the Berber