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Tattooed Data Quality & Audit Officer |

44-year-old Richard Hughes is a Data Quality and Audit Officer for his local authority  in South East Wales. Richard is a researcher and part of a team that maintains and delivers helpdesk support to the authority, as he puts it “it’s as clinic and white collar as that, but, it pays.” We chatted to Richard about his extensive

Tattooed Critical Care Nurse |

28-year-old Imogen Crisp is a critical care nurse in Manchester who sports an impressive tattoo collection. We caught up with Imogen to find out about her job, what sort of reactions her tattoos get, as well as how she feels as a heavily tattooed woman… How long have you been working in your current role? I have

Tattooed Travel Photographer Kym Ellis

We chat to 29-year-old Kym Ellis, a technical marketing lead and travel photographer, about her tattoos and work. At the moment Kym has no fixed address and instead chooses to slow travel around the world – right now she’s in Chiang Mai in Thailand… When did you get your first tattoo and what was it? It was on

Careers: Tattooed Nail Technician & Cosmetic Tattooer

29-year-old Brittany Roe is a nail technician and a cosmetic tattooer, who specialises in Microblading eyebrows from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We chatted to Britt about her tattoos, creative nature and what she loves most about her job… How long have you been working as a nail and brow technician? I’ve been a nail technician for about seven years and I’ve been microblading

Careers: Tattooed Social Media Representative

25-year-old Mikaela is a Social Media Representative at LUSH in London. We caught up with her to chat work, her tattoo collection and being vegan… How long have you been working for Lush? How did you get your current role? I’ve been working at Lush for about three years now. I started on the shop floor at the flagship

Tattooed Blogger: Shanice Willoughby | The official blog for Things&Ink

23-year-old Shanice Willoughby, is a blogger, barista and florist in training from Surrey. We chat to Shanice about her blog, love for flowers and bohemian style… When did you start blogging? How did you get into it? I started blogging last year on the first of January! I’d been wanting to do it for ages but lacked the

Tattooed Ballerina: Alexis Lucena | The official blog for Things&Ink

24-year-old Alexis Lucena is a performer with Company XIV and recording artist from Long Island, New York. We chatted to Lexxe about her performances, how her tattoos mix with ballet and her future plans… How long have you been dancing and singing? I think whenever music was on I had the itch to move to it from