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An Interview with Lady Chappelle |

Birmingham-based illustrative artist Lady Chappelle has been tattooing for over three years. With a passion for travelling, Lady Chappelle has managed to do a lot in what could be considered a short time in our fast-moving industry. Guest blogger, Rebecca Rimmer Givens chats to the Disney fanatic about hopes, dreams, ambitions and why it’s important to stay

Interview with Jonny Saunders | The official blog for Things&Ink

31-year-old tattooist Jonny Saunders tattoos out of Pulse tattoo studio in Banbury, Oxford. We chatted to Jonny about his dotwork swirl designs, how art relaxes him and how he chooses to decorate his own body with tattoos… How long have you been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing professionally for four years now. I used to study art, I had private art classes

Interview with Tattoo Artist Hannah Mai

We chatted to 24-year-old Hannah Mai who works at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo Cult in Birmingham about her stylised tattoos, love for Disney and travel plans… How long have you been tattooing? I have been tattooing proffessionally now for two years but I started my apprenticeship three years ago. What inspired you to become a tattooist? I wouldn’t say at a

Interview with Anna Mimink | The official blog for Things&Ink

Tattoo artist Anna Mimink, works as a guest artist in several shops,and she can often be found at Artoria Tatouage in Paris. Currently Anna is working in Montreal, Canada at Magnum XIII Tattoo, we caught up with her to find out more about her travels and tattoos… How long have you been tattooing? What inspired you to become a tattooer?

Interview with Karac Wilson | The official blog for Things&Ink

37-year-old Karac Wilson is a social care worker and tattoo collector from Sheffield. We caught up with Karac to chat all things tattoo… What inspired you to become heavily tattooed? Growing up my older brother was heavily tattooed when I was around 16 years old, he was tattooed before it was cool. I didn’t really give it much thought

Interview with Tattooist Joe Ankave

26-year-old Joe Ankave is a tattoo artist from Te Aviv, Israel who is currently traveling in California. We caught up with Joe to chat about his tattooing style and the tattoo scene in Israel… How long have you been tattooing and how did you get into the industry? I’ve tattooing for almost seven years now. When I

Interview with Kelly Julio | The official blog for Things&Ink

Tattooer Kelly Julio works out of Pulse Tattoo in Banbury, UK. We caught up with Kelly to chat about his tattoo style and how his career is more than just a job to him… How long have you been tattooing? What inspired you to get into the industry? I started getting serious about tattooing around the end of 2004,