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Interview with Abbie Johnston |

Down a sheltered side street dotted with little coffee shops and small businesses sits Studio 58 in Carlisle, Cumbria. It is here in this quaint little part of the city that tattoo artist Abbie Johnston creates stunning blackwork tattoos. Her work often features a dark or spooky twist on nature and animals; she has also ventured further into

Interview with Kajsa Franzén |

Tattoo artist Kajsa Franzén is based in Ubud, Bali and in Gothenburg, Sweden. Having sold her female only studio, Red Rose Tattoo, in 2017, Kajsa moved abroad to seek new adventures, she’s been working ‘on the road’ ever since. We caught up with Kajsa to chat all things tattooing and what it mans to be a woman in the industry.

Interview with Tattoo Artist: Amanda Rodriguez |

Originally from New York, tattoo artist Amanda Rodriguez creates stunningly beautiful nature-inspired floral tattoos. Now based in Brixton, London, we welcomed Amanda to the city by catching up with her to chat all things tattooing… You mentioned that you were living in New York, what drew you to London? I grew up in NYC and lived there most

Interview with Tattoo Artist Jenny MY Dubet |

Tattooer, Jenny MY Dubet, who works at Gypsy Blood in London, may have have only just started working in the industry, but she’s already creating powerful work. Her illustrations are much like black lace: delicate but also dark. With a saturnine aura, Jenny takes classic iconography and makes it her own with a hint of ancient

Interview with tattoo artist, Cassandra Frances |

The face issue Things & Ink was published in 2013, this is an interview with its cover star, tattoo artist Cassandra Frances. I first met Cassandra in 2012 at End Times in Leeds where she used to work – I instantly fell in love with her warm nature and dedicated work ethic. She put me at ease

Interview with Tattoo Artist Peggy B |

Tattoo artist Peggy B creates magical blackwork tattoos out of Grace Neutral’s Femme Fatale tattoo studio in London. We chatted to Peggy about her beautifully recognisable style and the energy she brings to her work… Photo by @alien_ink_ How did you start tattooing? I was getting tattooed a lot at uni, and over the years I

Interview with Luke Ashley |

24-year-old tattoo artist Luke Ashley tattoos out of South City Market which can be found in New Cross, London. If you’re an avid tattoo Instagramer you’ll have seen Luke’s palm tattoos that he’s now known for, we caught up with Luke to find out how it all started… How long have you been tattooing? How did you get into the