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Halina Mutinta Jewellery | The official blog for Things&Ink

26-year-old Halina Mutinta Hamalambo is a silversmith and a part time photo re-toucher at a photography studio based in Brighton. We caught up with Halina to find out more about the jewellery she creates, what inspires her and of course her growing collection of tattoos… How long have you been making jewellery? I’ve been making jewellery for

Tattoo Artist Fede Gas | The official blog for Things&Ink

November 23, 2018 Known for his realism tattoos, 38-year-old tattoo artist Federico Andújar, aka Fede Gas works out of Gas Tattoo Studio in Seville. In this interview he tells us about how he started in the business and what he loves most about tattooing… I’ve been tattooing since 2006, so 12 years now. In the beginning I

Sylvia Rose Novak | The official blog for Things&Ink

28-year-old Sylvia Rose Novak is a folk/Americana songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and activist based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. We talked to Sylvia about the inspirations behind her songwriting, her growing collection of tattoos, and background in horse-training… When did you realise that music and songwriting was what you wanted to do?It hit me kind of like a train in the summer

Interview with Jonny Saunders | The official blog for Things&Ink

31-year-old tattooist Jonny Saunders tattoos out of Pulse tattoo studio in Banbury, Oxford. We chatted to Jonny about his dotwork swirl designs, how art relaxes him and how he chooses to decorate his own body with tattoos… How long have you been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing professionally for four years now. I used to study art, I had private art classes

Art: Sasha Ignatiadou | The official blog for Things&Ink

November 14, 2018 Sasha Ignatiadou is a digital illustrator and artist based in Germany, who creates oriental inspired pieces overflowing with patterns and cool. We love her fierce tattooed babes and their relation to animals, objects and colour… Written by Rosalie Hurr Posted in Art Tagged with art, female artist, illustration, Sasha Ignatiadou, tattoos

Tattoo Artist Myra Brodsky | The official blog for Things&Ink

New York tattoo artist Myra Brodsky has created a line of spooky inspired tattoos titled Cabinet of Curiosities, which features ghouls, goblins and 19th century magic. Strongly influenced by art nouveau and the Victorian age, Brodsky has developed a style that is feminine, classic yet dark… I’m not interested in making little girls happy in the simplest way, and if I was I

Halloween Tattoos Pt. 3 | The official blog for Things&Ink

October 31, 2018 It’s Halloween! Our favourite time of year, everything feels super spooky and our feed is full of amazing Halloween inspired tattoos. From devils to pumpkins, it seems you lot go crazy over Halloween too… @staceymartintattoos @livfrost_ @michaeltaguet @amberjanetattoo @sillysilje @hollarie @bootattoo89 @amytrouble @rachelbaldwintattoo @bexpriesttattoos @carolinederwenttattoo @samkanetattoo @kate_selkie @isaverri Written by Rosalie Hurr