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Black & Grey tattoos – Denis Torikashvili |

Denis Torikashvili (TDAN)  has been tattooing since 1997, he currently tattoos at Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, California. We chat to Denis about what inspires his realism tattoos and how he got started in the industry… The first time I saw artistic looking tattoos was in American movies in the 90s, before that I had only seen military or

Shedding Some Light on Black Light Tattoos |

Rusty Smart from Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida reveals the secrets behind black light tattoos and their growing popularity…  C’mon, admit it – the thought of your tattoos glowing like a nuclear-waste spawned superhero is pretty cool. And although not everyone will actually go for it, there’s no denying that UV ink

The Black Heart Project |

Tattooer Sasha-Nicole works out of Gold Irons Tattoo Club, Brighton and is the founder of the black heart project. Sasha tells us all about the creation and inspiration behind the charity tattoo project and how you can get involved… The black heart project is something I created a couple of years ago, with the sole purpose of raising

The Black Hat Tattoo | The official blog for Things&Ink

Dublin reserves a warm welcome and a pint of Guinness to everyone who crosses the sea to discover the country. This multi-cultural, festive and friendly environment has seen Dublin become one of the best destinations for tattooing in Europe. You will find here no less than 200 tattoo studios and 2000 tattoo artists from diverse origins sharing the