Surprising Hollywood celebrity tattoos


Tattoos which have been steadily becoming popular are the symbols to prove their style and characteristic. Tattoos have shown up on thousands of the world’s sexiest ladies. Hollywood celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Lady Gaga are not out of exception. They have drawn much media consideration not only for their performances in the showbiz but also their surprising tattoos. Unlike men, they typically decide on modest and unique tattoos. Barbadian R&ampB recording artist Rihanna has a surprising total of thirteen recognized tattoos which includes a music note tattoo on her ankle, a star in her left ear, and the word enjoy on her left middle finger. This singer is just a single among numerous Hollywood celebrities whose tattoos are lovely and meaningful.


Rihanna’s tattoos have drawn much media interest. She has a total of thirteen recognized tattoos including a musical note tattoos on her ankle and a star in her left ear.


Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has a tattoo of 883 on her ankle.


Scarlett Johansson has a colorful sunset scene completed on her left inner forearm.


Leighton Meester, ideal recognized for her part as Blair Waldorf in the tv series Gossip Girl, has a purple flower tattoos on her wrist


Sienna Miller has three tiny stars on proper shoulder representing enjoy, honor, and trust.


Jessica Alba has a bow on her reduce back in addition to a flower and lady bird on the back of her neck and lotus flower on her proper wrist.


Lady Gaga has a black peace symbol located on her left wrist.


Nicole Richie has a tattoo of rosary beads and a cross.


Lily Allen has a “shhh…” tattoo on her index finger.

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