Spirit of Art: Exploring Tattoos and Bartending

Giffard are a french brand of liqueurs and syrups that are distributed all over the world in cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels. Since 2015, Giffard have been exploring the interlaced world of tattoo and mixology. They’ve launched a book called Spirit of Art showcasing tattooed bartenders of Asia…

Spirit of Art by Giffard_01Cover

Spirit of Art by Giffard_SG_Kannan Pillai

Spirit of Art is all about storytelling. It’s a peek into the secret lives of drink makers across Asia, and a dive into the interlaced worlds of tattoo and mixology.
After launching in the UK in 2015, this year’s second edition covers the rich cocktail culture of Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Giffard’s liqueurs and syrups meet the top-shelf demands of the world’s leading bartenders and baristas.

Spirit of Art by Giffard_HK_Benjamin Cousseau

Spirit of Art by Giffard_SG_Cheryl Choe

They as the binding ingredient between concoctions in the glass and connections across the bar. The perfect cocktail is born when bartenders pour their hearts, personalities and expertise into their creation, whether tattoos or drinks. Both ingredients and ink tell us where they’ve been, what they like, and who they are – cementing the relationship between these two subcultures.

Spirit of Art by Giffard_BKK_Pinsuda Pongprom

Spirit of Art by Giffard_HK_Raphael Meyer

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