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24-year-old Kimberly, from Doncaster works at H&M and is a blogger at Sister of the Moon. We chatted to Kimberly about how she believes it is so important to open up about mental health on her blog and her incredible tattoo collection…


How long have you been blogging, what inspired you to start a blog? I started my blog around two and a half years ago! I used to share outfits of mine on Instagram and they seemed to get a lot of love. So that, and amazing bloggers that I followed, such as Sophie from, (read Sophie’s interview on th-ink here), really gave me the push to create my own blog!

What sorts of posts can readers expect to see? I mainly post fashion about fashion, but I’m also trying to branch out to mental health posts and more lifestyle too. I want to show a bit more of my personality and interests on Sister of the Moon, so readers can get to know me a little bit more.


You post about your mental health, is it important that we open up a conversation about these things? I do feel that it is massively important to be able to talk about mental health. I understand that it is hard to talk about it to anyone, whether you are close to them or not, but I want to show that sometimes getting your words out can ease your mind a little bit. And that I am here for anyone who needs an unbiased person to talk to.

Would you say that blogging helps your mental health or sometimes hinders it? Definitely both. I like to have a corner of the internet where I can get my words down and feel like I have a bit of a project to stick to when I feel a little bit useless. But also having a blog can bring a negative impact, as you are constantly comparing yourself to other bloggers and beating yourself up about things! I do believe that taking breaks from things, especially blogging, is not a bad thing at all! Nobody should feel forced to do anything.


How would you describe your style? Well this is hard to do! Part of me wants to say alternative but I feel that’s a cringey word. I do have a very casual style, I tend to throw anything together and try and make it work.

Can you tell us about your tattoos, do you have a favourite? Almost all of my tattoos are black and white, apart from the first one I ever had done. None of them have any meaning at all I just tend to choose whatever I like on a flash sheet or have an artist sketch up a random idea of mine! I do aim to be covered head to toe (minus face) but for now I’m making slow progress. My favourite is my sternum tattoo! I have a  big bat tattooed on it, not going to lie it was my most painful one too. I hate being tattooed believe it or not.


Have your tattoos helped you to love your body or see it differently? I must say I do feel more ‘myself’ with tattoos, I have very low self esteem which would be worse without my tattoos.

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