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We chat to Fudge, co-founder of Rogues and Sacred Idols, a brand that champions female artists about how the company started, what inspires their designs and who they work with…

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Co-founder Fudge in LA

How was the brand/company set up? How long ago? Rogues and Sacred Idols is the sister brand of RSI Apparel (which Rob set up 5/6 years ago). A lot of girls were asking about a women’s line from his brand, and after chats over the last couple of years about all the cool stuff we could do we decided to make it happen last year!

What inspired you to create a brand designed by women for women? Can you tell us about the brand’s ethos? We’re keeping the same idea as Rob’s brand, featuring our favourite super talented artists and supporting their work, but keeping it female specific which is something we hadn’t really seen done. There’s so many amazing female tattooists and illustrators we want to work with and shout about!

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How do you choose which artists to collaborate with? Do you only feature tattoo artists? We launched with a good pal of mine, Barbie Longfox, who’s designs have had an amazing response! We have also worked with an illustrator called Laura Schneider. We’re not exclusively featuring tattoo artists, but it’s been a good starting point for us and ties in nicely with the tattoo conventions we trade at throughout the year.

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Can you tell us about the design process? What influences and inspires the products? Our first collection with Barbie had a 70s Cali vibe and I’m currently revisiting an old ska phase, so who knows what the next few collections might bring! Our artists design us a flash style sheet or couple of smaller pieces as well as a bigger design from a starting point or idea I’ll give them. I’m keen to use our artist’s work in new ways other than just a chest print on a tee so the smaller designs make their way onto elbow patches, make up bags and pins. We have so many exciting ideas down for future collections so definitely give us a follow to see all the new product we’ll be bringing out!

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Are there any new and exclusive things in the pipeline? Currently putting the finishing touches to an exciting collaboration with Toni Moore for all you mammas (both human and dog/cat). We’re mega excited about this one, as well as some new pieces by Rizza Boo. Towards the end of the year we hope to be bringing cut and sew styles, to really expand the range beyond tees, sweats and accessories!

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Where can readers get their hands on your apparel? We’re at a few tattoo conventions later on in the year. Come and say hi if you see us! You can also buy online at (we hand wrap all orders in the best polka dot paper if that tempts you!)

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