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Spending days looking at every tattoo parlor, studying the pictures, trying to choose the perfect one. Asking your friends their advice, only to end up in an argument because you don’t their rat tattoo suggestion. Finally going home still not knowing what tattoo you want, feeling like you may never know. If the sentences above describe how you are feeling while trying to find great tattoo ideas, then this article should help. Tattoos are personal, and often times one can not find a personalized tattoo by asking others. Others may not know what suits you, instead you should try asking yourself questions. You are the one getting this tattoo after all, not your friends, nor the person at the tattoo parlor. Your tattoo should be about you, your life. The following are a few questions you can ask yourself in your journey for finding personalized tattoo ideas:

1) What are your favorite colors?

2) Would you like an animal tattoo? If yes, what are your favorite animals or pets?

3) Would you consider symbols? If yes, what are your favorite shapes (squares, ovals, octagons… )?

4) What is your style? (Goth, Western, Contemporary, etc)

5) What bands do you like?

6) What patterns most appeal to you?

7) When you think about your tattoo, what is the first image that pops into your head?

8) Do you wish to have words on your tattoo?

9) Do you like fantasy or realism or both?

These questions can be written down or just something for you to keep in mind. In the end you should have a great description of different tattoo ideas. For example, if your favorite animal is a red panda, but your style is Gothic in nature then you could go with a black and white red panda holding a thorny rose. This tattoo would not only represent you, but also be an original idea. Of course you can come up with many personalized tattoo ideas from the list of answers you have. You are not just limited to one simple idea, mix it up a little. These questions may also lead you to more questions, more tattoo ideas you never would of thought of before. That is the point, to let your imagination take you where ever it pleases, so that you can be happy with your new tattoo.

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