Planet Cup soccer stars: Kings of tattoos


Tattooing has turn out to be a common trend among youngsters since the twentieth century. Teenagers, adolescents and adults are all fans of tattoos. A lot of youngsters have tattoos with a view to demonstrating their maturity. Some tattoo themselves as a implies of maintaining sweet memories eternally on their bodied. Other people consider tattoos as a kind of cosmetics that functions as self identification. Besides Hollywood celebrities, soccer stars are kings of tattoos. Such popular footballers as Sergio Ramos, Deco, Tim Cahill and Wayne Rooney all have weird but great tattoos that surprisingly reveal issues words can not express.


On Wayne Rooney’s physique is a collection of tattoos. On his left arm are St George’s flag and the phrase ‘English and Proud’. On his correct forearm are the words ‘Just Adequate Education to Perform’. On his backs is the meaningful tattoo of praying hands.

This player of Ghana has thirteen tattoos on his arms, chest and neck. The most notable tattoo is that of two jokers, one particular laughing and one crying.

Danish defender Agger is really a king of tattoos. All more than his body are numerous tattoos of diverse types like incongruous symbols, tribal designs and haunting inscriptions.

The lady-killer Jermain Defoe has all his tattoos associated to his his mother, sister, brother and late grandmother. These reveal a different sensitive Defoe.

The Slovakian midfielder has a lot of tattoos on his physique, like his birthday, the word ‘Passion’ in Japanese, his lucky number seven. He’s going to have a new tattoo. It is possibly his future son.

The Australian football star Tim Cahill had his left arm tattooed with a sophisticated design and style which, according to him, pays homage to his Samoan heritage and household history.

The Portuguese footballer of Brazilian descent has a huge tattoo of a Geisha that extends over his appropriate shoulder and appropriate arm. This is a signifies to remind him of his Japanese mother.



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