Here at Things&Ink, tattoo conventions are our favourite place to be – it’s like being in a tattoo bubble, all under one roof, united by our passion! And we can spend hours searching for tattoo artists, and looking at their back catalogue of work. So we’ve compiled this round-up of some of our favourite artists who are attending the London Tattoo Convention this year. It’s such an amazing chance to meet the tattoo artists from all over the UK and across the globe who we have been coveting work from and liking on Instagram – the convention is our chance to see their work in the flesh, in all its inky glory, and maybe even get a piece for ourselves

Artists chosen by T&I editors Alice Snape and Rosalie Hurr.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 13.48.34

“I adore Aimée Cornwell’s tattoos, a style she calls ‘Fantasia’, they are like works of art on skin. She is on my dream list of artists I would one day like to collect work from.” Alice


“I love Ashleigh Bell’s warm colour palette, which screams autumn, and her bold solid lines. The way this flower fits the space and works with the body is glorious.” Rosalie.

“Dashuai creates beautifully ornate and detailed pieces which glow with mystery and luxury. There is so much emotion and power within the expressions of the tattoo subjects and the colours are to die for.” Rosalie.

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“Guen Douglas works at Taiko in Berlin and she is one of the first tattoo artists I fell in love with. She tattoos the most exquisite faces and is also queen of the cover-up.” Alice


“Debora is known for her female faces which often have hauntingly blank stares inspired by the horror genre. However she also extends her repertoire to animals including snakes, and other mythical influenced objects like the hand pictured.” Rosalie.


“The master of combining the female form with fauna. I love the subdued ochres, the curling leaves and how her pieces are often displayed on chests and in between breasts. Just stunning.” Rosalie.

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 08.10.52

“Livia Tsang works in Toronto, Canada, so I have never had the chance to meet her. But her work is just so beautiful. I don’t yet have a watercolour style tattoo, but Livia makes me want to get one – I think they look gorgeous next to more bold, traditional work, I like the contrast of styles.” Alice


“Lorena Morato has been on my inspirational female tattoo artist list for years. Her tattoos always blow me away, I love her rich yet muted tones, the florals she choices and how she takes her inspiration from ancient mythologies.” Rosalie.


“If you’re looking for beautiful women and outstanding blackwork, Lydia is your artist. Her compositions with the wisps of hair, oh-so painful white highlights that pop, and the adorable freckles, make her women irresistible.” Rosalie.


“Sara Rosa takes illustrative style to the next level with her tattoos. Using shading, dots and lines to add dimension and depth, her pieces come together in a triumphant tableaux – glorious!” Rosalie.

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 08.12.05

“Urgh just look at this face! I could spend hours stalking Makkala Rose’s Instragram. I mean, just wow!” Alice

The London Tattoo Convention opens this Friday until Sunday at Tobacco Dock in London, you can get tickets from thelondontattooconvention.com. Who are you most excited about meeting?

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