NYC: Ladies Ladies Art Show


Ladies, Ladies
International group art show featuring
more than 50 female artists from the tattoo world!

Sept 15th to Oct 7th, 2018
MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, New York
(Opening Party Saturday September 15th, 7-10pm

Curated by Elzia Iannaccone Gezlev and Martina Secondo Russo



The event was born as a platform to show the diversity of art in the feminine universe of professional tattooing. The tattoo scene has been historically a male dominated playground, but in the last 30 years or so, the number of women in the tattooing industry has grown exponentially and like never before. Tattooing itself has gone from being a subculture practice to a widespread cultural/social phenomenon. As the number of people getting tattooed has grown, so has the massive presence of many talented women choosing tattooing as their professional career and their creative voice!


Participating artists:
Cloditta, Kate Collins, Lara Scotton, Katya Krasnova, Elvia Guadian, Pat Sinatra, Virginia Elwood, Miss Juliet, Danielle Rose, Zoe Bean, Gill Gold, Anna Sandberg, Electric Martina, Debra Yarian, Kari Barba, Totemica, Denise de la Cerda, Sara Mae, Dorothy Lyczek, Jen Carmean, Itoyo, Olivia Olivier, Ol Ash, Cindy Stroemple
, Gaia Leone, Johanna Elvira
, Sara Purr, Karen Glass
, Drew Linden
, Valeria Marinaci, Holly Ellis
, Shannon Marie
, Brittany Bauza
, Claudia Ducalia
, Inma Alted
, Stina Sardinha
, Lady Bonsai
, Emma Griffiths
, Krista Cheri
, Sara Antoinette Martin
, Linn Aasne
, Anna Melo
, Magie Serpica
, Rose Whittaker
, Dawn Cooke
, Jemma Jones, Minka Sicklinger, Anem Illus, Erin Lavinia, Federica Ferrera, Margaux Ulrich, Jackie Dunn Smith, Blair Maxine Hewitt, Erica Flannes, Katie Gray, Holly Ashby, Miss Elvia and Martina Secondo Russo.

art by Gaia Leone for LLAS2018

Art by Gaia Leone

art by Dawn Cooke for LLAS2018

Art by Dawn Cooke

art by TOTEMICA for LLAS2018

Art by Totemica 

art by Katie Gray for LLAS2018

Art by Katie Gray

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