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We adore tattoo conventions: everyone united by their passion under one roof, that buzz of tattoo needles and endless inked skin. We love stopping people to have a chat to find out more about their style and what they love about tattoos. Here’s who we chatted to at the London Tattoo Convention…



“This is my first ever tattoo and my first time at a tattoo convention. I went to Borneo for my 60th birthday, and this is to commemorate that trip. My friend had a tattoo done by the artist, and I loved it and I knew my first tattoo had to be done by the same artist, their work is just so different. I love my orangutan, it is even better than I imagined! And it didn’t take long, six hours in just two sessions. The artist is LA based artist, so I got it finished here today.” Tracey Judge

Tattoo by @ivanatattooart



Bio chemist, from United States
“My back piece took one year to complete, in around 11 sessions, and I sat for about ten hours each time. I am filling a space on my arm today, at London Tattoo Convention. Last week I was in Germany for another convention with Russ (the artist) to show off his work. I’m a scientist, I’m trying to progress my career right now and would rather not have my name online. I do not want to be weaponised for my tattoos, in my field of work, not until I am high up enough to hire or fire the people who would use my tattoo against me – I won’t reveal my tattoos until I am in the postion of power. My job involves designing vaccines, and running grad schemes, it’s really full-on, like my life has been lately. Getting tattooed, the whole process of it and enduring pain, is my way of coping with stress. It helps me to navigate through my trauma, like a rite of passage through the years of marriage and school, and recovery. I am owning that!”

Tattoo by @russabbott



“I am a friend of Rose Hardy, and am helping her at the convention this weekend. When I’m not helping Rose, I am a master stylist and educator at ARROJO in New York. I love my hand tattoos, the details that Rose put into them too.”

Neck and hand tattoos by Rose Hardy





@adelebrydges and @noyau_noyau
Adele creates gorgeous erotic objects in her London studio, and this year is her first time exhibiting at the convention. Her heart tattoo was done by CJ at East Side Ink in New York.

“As a leather worker, I take take photos of hands all the time, I work with my hands. My Instagram is filled with hands, hands holding my pieces and  and tools. I want to cover myself in hand tattoos – I just want to be touched and touch everything.” @noyau_noyau
Hand tattoos by @jenzietattoo

It has been another wonderful year at the London Tattoo Convention, see you at the next one.

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