Interview with Tattoo Artist Ruby Quilter

26-year-old Ruby Quilter, is a tattoo artist at Sang Bleu Tattoo in London. We chatted to Ruby about being a female tattooer, and her fine line style…

How long have you been tattooing? I’ve been tattooing for about five years now, I began my apprenticeship at 21.

How did you get into the industry and what inspired you to do so? I started getting tattooed quite young, and from then it sparked something in me to learn more about different tattooers and tattooing history. I actually hadn’t considered tattooing as a job, even at that time, being a female tattooer had some social connotations. I felt like it was quite a huge step away from the path I was on. I decided to look for an apprenticeship and a really amazing shop near where I’m from called Scarlet Rose took me on.


What did you do before? I didn’t have too much time after leaving school to get into a career, I’d had a few different jobs, mostly retail work, and was studying fashion and originally wanted to do something along the lines of visual creative direction. I feel incredibly luckily I found tattooing.

How would you describe your style of tattooing? Fine line black and grey.


What inspires your designs? Loads of different things; I reference a lot of old flash and I look at a lot of religious imagery. I also love looking at old fantasy art. I collect a lot of older comics which have some incredible ideas that can transition into tattoos.


 Are there any artists that influence you? Definitely; Jack Rudy, Kari Barba, Juan Puente, Freddy Corbin among so many others. I love the work of Nathan Kostechko, Juan Teyer, Ben Grillo, Zac Scheinbaum. I could keep going!

What would you love to tattoo? I would love to get more into fantasy, I have some incredible customers who are really open with what they get, and give me the opportunity to try something new. I’d also love to take on larger projects, I would love to do some back pieces!


Do you have any guest spots or conventions planned? I definitely have more plans to travel, my best friend Jack and I plan to make a trip to Barcelona soon, and make the most of travelling within Europe. Last year I worked the London Tattoo Convention, which was a huge opportunity for me and I would love to do that incredible convention again.

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