30+ Best Heart Tattoos For Men and Women

The heart symbol looks nothing like the actual body organ but has become one of the synonymous symbols of passion and love. The modern heart symbol has replaced its predecessor. The old heart symbol was represented with an aorta coming out from between the curves. The modern heart symbol doesn’t have the aorta and it has been associated with almost everything romantic including the cupids, Valentine’s Day and card suits. Today, we are here with the collection of 30+ best heart tattoos for men and women which can inspire you for your next tattoo.

There are some people who get themselves inked with a heart tattoo in a complex design which expresses their deep admiration or grief or suffering. You must have a look at the wonderful heart tattoo designs for men and women we have shared here today and find out which one appeals you the most. Some of these designs are classic as well as colorful while some include the contexts with symbols which will definitely go to blow your mind. Yes, these heart tattoos do have the captivating and the vast meanings as well as are a pleasure to look at.

30+ Best Heart Tattoos For Men and Women:

If you are spending your money and also bearing the pain of getting inked, then your basic purpose must be to grab the attention of the onlookers. And it is really important to decide the placement of the tattoo. Heart tattoos are small in size and thus look good on any body part including shoulder, legs, thighs, ankles, ears, arms, chest or wrist. So, get the one and share your picture with us.

Small Heart designs for love couples:

Heart Tattoos For Men and Women

Tattooed Heart designs with Infinity:

Heart Tattoos For Men and Women

Small cute heart tattoos designs:


Human realistic heart tattoos designs:


Watercolor heart tattoo:


Forearm heart tattoos:


Traditional human heart tattoo:


Inner forearm Tattoo:


Human hearts tattoo:


Tiny red color heart:


Same heart  designs on wrist:


Heart with crown tattoos:


Hand and heart:


A letter Heart design:

Heart Tattoos For Men and Women

Heart and key tattoos:


Heart tattoo design:


Beautiful Heart with angel wings:


Another Anchor and heart For inner arm:

heart tattoos

Great look Heart Tattoo designs on rib cage:


Cute Heart as the skull:


Look heart tattoos designs on chest:


New heart and lock tattoo:


Watercolor style tattoo:


Quote heart:


names inside tattoo:


cute musical notes:


small heart tattoo on ring finger:


heart tattoo on shoulder:


Behind the ear heart tattoo:


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  1. I must surely draw the pierced heart tatoo on my body because my heart has been broken many times.

    Thanks for showing me the best Tatoo to Draw on my heart.

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