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Based in North Wales Anna Jones (Wolfmumma) conjures witchy vibes and natural powers with her work. With a new studio location soon to be announced we chatted to the tattooer and illustrator about her style and how tattoos have returned her power to her…

We love your witchy women, what inspires these and the rest of your tattoos?
Thank you so much! I like to create protagonists. I love making powerful portraits, creating characters is always fun! There’s definitely a running theme of fortitude in my work, many of my figures are compromised in some way but they are still strong and powerful.

What do you like to create and what would you like to do more of?
Portraits! I also like creating nature inspired stuff and creatures but mostly figures. I love drawing and tattooing figures, never gets old! I’d like to do more of everything! I’m missing tattooing so much right now, as so many of us are. I’m looking forward to getting back to it and developing my work further!

How would you describe your style? What drew you to tattoo and draw in this way?
I think the most accurate way to describe my style would be illustrative blackwork. I draw what I love and in that way my style has developed naturally.

How long have you been tattooing? Where would you like to take your work in the future? I’ve been tattooing for roughly three years. I’m looking forward to guesting at a bunch of studios in the near future including Occult Studio in Worthing, but obviously everything is on hold right now. I’ll be releasing news about my guest spots and my next project once normality has resumed!

What made you want to become a tattooist? Did you do art before?
I did do art before! I’ve always been obsessed with art. I graduated from University College Falmouth with an illustration degree in 2008 and I then worked as a freelance illustrator. I had a break from doing art professionally after getting married and having kids. This was a difficult time for me as I was experiencing domestic abuse/violence which lead to my separation. Art was a huge part of my recovery and I began working as a freelance illustrator again as soon as my youngest started school.

My own tattoos were a big part of reclaiming my power, my body, and sense of self. Becoming a tattoo artist felt like the next logical step. It blows my mind that I can now help others with their own tattoo therapy and experiences.

Can you tell us a little about how tattooing and tattoos make you feel?
Tattoos for me are a self affirmation, they are power and choice. Through my own personal tattoos I have regained power over my body and how I choose to express myself. Tattoos been an important part of my journey as a domestic abuse/violence survivor. To tattoo others as a job makes me happy and it never feels like work. The trust and belief I have from my clients is a dream and I feel extremely fortunate to be on this path.

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