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It’s Halloween and we’re celebrating with our favourite #spoopy tattoos from some of favourite female tattooers. But what are spoopy tattoos you may ask? For those of you not familiar with this genre of tattoos, you’ll be pleased to know spoopy tattoos are a mixture of spooky and cute. Kinda like kawaii inspired tattoos in their colour palette. Although they typically feature pumpkins, bats and ghosts, they’re not just for Halloween. They also combine classic creepy themes with food, cute faces and sparkles! 

@melvin_arizmendi – so cute, we want to lick that icing right off! Hope it isn’t a trick cupcake though.


@alexstrangler – aw a ghosty holding a balloon, will the helium make it float away?


@keelyglitters – ghost, tick; grave stone, tick; adorable glitter, tick – great example of a spoopy tattoo.


@roxyrydertattoo – what’s more Halloween than the phrase trick or treat? Make it spoopy by adding candy hearts and bat silhouettes. Nailed it.


@littlerachtattoo – is it a vampire? Is a pumpkin? We’re not sure, but it’s hella cute.


@laurathedrawer – look at this little ghosty’s face! Looks so happy to be flying in the stars with its bat friends.


@jodydawber – candy corn, not something we have in the UK but we’ve all heard the legends of this sickly sweet orange-coloured sweet.


@bootattoo89 – this is how your trick or treat goody lantern should look at the end of the night!


@kirabishoppp – please tell us this adorable ice cream is pumpkin spice flavoured?


@staceymartintattoos – look at its little arm carrying that lollipop! We can’t cope!


@siknaktattoo – is the kitty trying to get out of the pumpkin, or is it loving sinking its teeth into that soft pumpkin flesh? We don’t know, but the little cat ghosts are killing us!


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