Girls’ Star Tattoos


Girls star tattoos are considered to be very meaningful and symbolic simply because they primarily represent a person’s dreams and objectives in life. There is a lot to take into account when planning on acquiring a star tattoo, like why you want it, what size it should be, how distinctive you want it to be and most importantly exactly where on your physique you want it. Let me tell you about the 5 most typical kinds of star tattoos and their symbolic meanings.

Let’s start with the Pentagram star tattoo. This tattoo has a deep which means to it and it is a five-pointed star. The five points represent the 5 elements which are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. It also symbolizes faith, overall health, mathematical perfection and celestial sky.

Next is the girls moon star tattoo. This tattoo represents the sky throughout the evening and it is also a combination of the moon and the star(s). Compared to other star tattoos, moon star tattoos have small symbolic which means to it but they are very stunning.

Another type of star tattoo is the Star of David tattoo. It is also referred to as a hexagon because it is six-pointed. It symbolizes the rule of God all more than the universe and also His protection from all directions.

Shooting star tattoos are also an additional type of star tattoos. They are incredibly popular in the tattoo planet simply because they are versatile. They represent a want coming accurate, accomplishment or great luck.

Final but not the least is the Nautical star tattoo. This tattoo dates back to almost a century and is a 5-pointed star. It was mainly tattooed on the bodies of sailors due to the fact they relied on the stars to take them residence since they navigated their ships making use of the stars in the night. Therefore, this tattoo is a symbol of guidance and represents the path of life.

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