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Decorating Inspiration


The Cape Cod style home is recognized for it is simple design and style, and architecture. Originating in the late 17th century in New England, and becoming quite well-liked among the 1930’s – 1950’s the Cape Cod style residence represents America in it’s simpler instances. It is generally a a single to one-and-a-half story house with a chimney in the center, steep roof, symmetrical appearance with the door in the center, and multi-paned windows with shutters.

Decorating Inspiration | Interiors Decorations

You can use the periods from the 17th century all the way by way of to the 1950’s.  Decorate according to the designs utilized for these periods. From a casual rustic decor, from vintage 1920’s with all it’s elegance and style, to the main colors utilized in the 1950’s. You can also, think of the natural surroundings of the home’s area. Envision all the colors of the seaside, with it’s peaceful blue water and sky, the subtle shades of the sand. The shells on the beach, seagulls in the air, watching the sunset at the end of a peaceful day.

Carry this image with you, and choose five to seven colors with inspirations from these organic. Surroundings and your on your way to a balanced, peaceful, harmonious theme for your property. Maybe robin egg blue, sunrise yellow, sunset red, cobalt grey, and creamy sand. Add splashes of these colors throughout your home with paint, accessories, and accent fabrics. Adding splashes of color, and texture all through a area creates balance and draws your eye around the room.

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