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27-year-old Darcie from Leeds, is a Content Executive for a Marketing Agency and founder of the blog Bound in Bone. We chat to Darcie about her style, living the goth life and what you can find on her blog…

What inspired you to start your blog and how long have you been running it? I’ve been blogging since November 2015. I didn’t really tell anyone about it for the first few months because I was nervous about what people would think! I started it because I wanted my own space to write my own stuff and not have any restrictions (apart from my own nervousness). I’d been working in marketing for three years at that point and while I was creating content for other people, I really wanted something that was my own. It was weird that I had created so much for other people and nothing for myself!

Does your day job help you with your blog, or vice versa? Yes, definitely. Keeping up to date with the industry means that I can be good at my job and be armed with the latest thinking to apply to my blog too. It also helps that I have people around me at work that can help me if I paint myself into a corner with SEO or when I’m liaising with a PR for my blog, for example.

What can readers expect to find on your platform? Gothy/witchy outfits, alternative lifestyle pieces and I’m hoping to write more about feminism as I get braver talking about the subject too!



How would you describe your style? What is your favourite outfit or go-to outfit?  I can be quite eclectic in my style, but I would say it definitely errs on the gothy side of the “alternative” spectrum. I’m trying out more of a witchy style at the moment. I’m really inspired by the idea of the witch as a feminist icon.
I don’t really have a go-to outfit, but I do have certain pieces that make me feel like I can take on the world. My wide-brimmed hat, double-stacked doc martens and anything in faux leather are favourites.

What to you does it mean to live a goth life?  Oooh I love this question! To me, it’s about channeling a darker aesthetic in your personal style or tastes, but it’s also about questioning mainstream society’s ideals. How can you decide to be “alternative” in the way you look and yet not “alternative” in the way you think? It means not accepting everything you’re fed through the media and coming up with your own thoughts and values. It means being open-minded and willing to listen and accept other people’s points of view.


Can you tell us about your tattoos? Do you have any future plans? I have three tattoos. I have an eye on the back of my neck, a pair of cat eyes on my forearm, and Beatles lyrics on my shoulder. My first was the Beatles lyrics, it’s actually a matching one with my best friend from school. When we were about 15 we would make videos in her bedroom. They were really silly because we were dorks (still are). On of the soundtracks was All You Need is Love. So that’s what I have tattooed. She has “love is all you need” on her foot.

The story behind my eye is based around The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson. Even though she’s a very troubled lady in the book, I always saw her as beautiful, and I desperately wanted to have red hair and green eyes just like her. I wasn’t bothered by the tattoos at that point for some reason. She has loads of tattoos but one in particular that stays in my mind was an eye on the back of her neck, so that’s what I’ve got too.

DSCN0501 (1)

The cat eyes are based around my first cat, Myrtle. I’m a cat person through and through so I wanted something to commemorate that!I would love to get more – I really want something on my chest (I’m torn between a snake or moon phases – I haven’t decided yet), I’d love something to do with Medusa, and I’d love finger tattoos too – I just need to decide what to do first!

Pay Darcie’s blog a visit to see more of her gothic style and feminist posts.

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