30 Creative Break up Tattoos

The English writer, John Lyly rightly said that ‘The rules of fair play don’t apply in love and war.’ And it even becomes truer when love turns into a war. The Internet is full of romantic tattoo designs including the matching hearts, lock-key tattoo designs and much more. But there is always an end and this is the moment when the person wants to tear off those unfortunate tattoos off the skin. To be honest, it is not the correct solution. When it comes to a romantic disappointment, the lovers do become bitter in their behavior and luckily, they become creative and come out with Creative Break up Tattoos. And as break-ups are trending these days, then don’t you think it’s a good idea to go to a tattoo shop with your ex and get break up tattoos?

The break-up is a moment which is mixed with the emotions of a person. It is a time when some people manage to come up with a great change while some people spend their time in prolonged periods of stress. But there are a number of people who prefer marking their break-up situation by getting a tattoo.

There are few break up tattoos designs which seems to be a bit contrived but shows that how beautiful a change can be in your life. There are people who rush to get rid of those romantic tattoos on their body after their break-up, but there are people who prefer saving their ink investments by transitioning their tattoos. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best creative break up tattoos which can help you in coping up with your lost love.

Break-ups had a deep impact on our lives and sometimes even change us forever. This is one of the reasons why people prefer getting a break up tattoo after the situation. They are the result of extreme emotions and signify a decisive move of a person in a new direction. Break up tattoos are the new trend in the market among the tattoo lovers which symbolizes their hit-back emotions. With this compilation of the break up tattoos, you might find the one which speaks to your soul.

30 Creative Break up Tattoos:

Everything’s okay:

Creative Break up Tattoos

knife in the heart:

Creative Break up Tattoos

Lesson Break Up Tattoos:

Creative Break up Tattoos

Weapons of love:

Creative Break up Tattoos

I still want to love:

nicoz-balboa - 578 x 578

True love:




Screw You:



landro-gynette - 578 x 770

Break Up Tattoos:


Love and Lies:


Love is Hell:


New Love kills slowly:


Break up tattoos:


broken heart:


Break up tattoos:


Perfectly Broken:


Only love can break your heart:

30 Creative Break up Tattoos

Love don’t live here anymore:


back stabbed:


Trust no one:


Our love is dead:

Creative Break up Tattoos

Break this one bitch:

Creative Break up Tattoos

You suck Tattoos:

Creative Break up Tattoos



You Suck:

Creative Break up Tattoos

I’ll cut a bitch:

Creative Break up Tattoos

F*ck-Love Tattoo:

Creative Break up Tattoos

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