5 Tips for Creating Stunning Business Cards

The 21st century is characterised by cut-throat competition in each and every sector out there. There is strong rivalry among business units that operate on similar lines or offer similar products and services. In order to survive and succeed in the market, it has become somewhat mandatory to outdo one’s rivals. This can be surely achieved if companies try to register their presence in the minds of their present and prospective customers.

One near perfect solution that business units can adopt in order to stay alive in minds of people as such is to create attractive business cards and hand over the same to all those individuals, who are likely to have direct or indirect interest in your firm.

5 Highlights of Stunning Business Cards:


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The business card that you opt for should speak in detail about all the relevant information such as the name and logo of your firm, contact person’s name and position, telephone and fax numbers, address and email ids wherever available. Having said that, equal care needs to be taken in order to avoid your business card to look like a clutter of mismanaged information.

Visually Pleasing:

For the business card of your firm to contribute positively towards the sales and profit line of your unit, it is vital that it be able to attract repeat views. In order to achieve this goal, you need to first be extremely choosy about the style and size of the font. Make sure that the text is completely legible. Choice of the right colours is equally crucial. For giving your business cards a vibrant look, you can make use of bright colours. However, light colours can be used if you prefer a subtle looking card.


The regular looking and commonly designed business card is a thing of the past. In order to leave a mark, it is vital that you add distinguished characteristics to your business card. You no more have to settle for the rectangular shaped monotonous card. There is a great deal that you can explore with respect to the shape of the card. Similarly, instead of getting the text printed, you can consider getting the same embossed.

Use of Pictures:

It is a well known fact that pictures speak louder than words. If you believe in this theory, then you need to make it a point to use a few, but relevant pictures on your business card. One massive advantage of using pictures is that they carry a massive remembrance value. All said and done, it is vital that you imbibe your brand logo on the card as well.

QR Codes:

Business Cards

One new addition to the world of business cards is nothing, but a QR Code. A QR code is essentially a code. Which when scanned helps to connect your business card with your firm’s all active online accounts. Moreover, all the people to whom you handover your business card will not have to keep looking up the web for your firm’s official website as the QR code will be leading them well.

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