35+ Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Getting inked is already an excruciating experience, yet getting a tattoo on your side is by a long shot the most difficult zone to get inked. In any case, numerous young ladies still choose to get Cool Side Tattoos for girls here despite the potential pain. The advantages of getting side tattoos are to symbolize your certainty, excellence, sex appeal, and uniqueness.

Your side is generally made up of bones which make getting a tattoo here so difficult. You must know that there is no fat securing the nerves in your body when the needle starts squeezing against your side. In the event that you choose to proceed with it simply be arranged to feel some pain.

Luckily for a young lady, the pain persisted is well justified, despite all the trouble subsequent to these side tattoos will build your sex appeal and identity.

Some well known side tattoos you ought to consider are those that incorporate female plants, for example, roses, angels, pixies, and butterflies. For young ladies, it’s not phenomenal to get more manly images, but rather female outlines will improve your ladylike qualities. Another smart thought for side tattoos for girls is getting your beau’s name or initials inked on your side region. The considerable thing about side tattoos is that there is a substantial range for the tattoo artist to work, which gives you more opportunity to get whatever tattoo you seek.

35+ Cool Side Tattoos for Girls:



Feather Tattoo:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Secret View:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Bird with Keys:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Dandelion and dragon fly:


Side Tattoo Flowers:


Quote and dandelion:


Stabbed heart:


Water color effect:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Sunflower Side Tattoo:

Side Tattoos for Girls

Arrows Tattoo:




Realistic Butterfly Side Tattoo:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Feather and Arrow Side Tattoo:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Bird Tattoo:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

Dandelion Tattoo:




The Next Day:


Imperfection Is Beauty:

Cool Side Tattoos for Girls

My Cherry Blossom:


Hello Kitty:


Calla Lily:


Side Tree Piece:

side tattoos

Love Birds Cool Side Tattoos for girls:


Feather rib tattoo for girl:


Love and Death Side Tattoo:


Lettered Rib Tattoos:


Bird Side Tattoo:

Cool Side Tattoos

Small Birds Side Tattoo Ideas:

Cool Side Tattoos

The Musical Dragon:

Cool Side Tattoos

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