30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas

One of the most important things in the marine world is a COMPASS. And there are numerous hidden meanings associated with the compass design tattoos. It actually helps the sailors in finding a way through a sea. The other name for the compass tattoos is the nautical tattoos. These tattoos are available in numerous different styles including the compass rose tattoo, nautical star compass, compass and anchor, compass rose anchor and much more. These tattoos are becoming popular among both men and women, especially among the sea travelers. With time the compass tattoos are gaining popularity among the tattoo lovers.

We are here today with the best compass tattoos designs and ideas. So, if you are a sea traveler or a wanderer, then these tattoo designs are just for you. The compass tattoos look awesome in round shape with the etched bearings. The designs of the compass tattoos when inked on a body part remind the person that they will never be lost anywhere and will continue their journey. These tattoos can be worn by both men and women. And also, these tattoos carry deep hidden meanings. So, the person needs to be aware of the meaning of the tattoo because getting inked. Here we have shared some of the best artistically designed compass tattoo designs and ideas.

The symbolism and meaning of the compass tattoos vary. Tattoos used in various cultures. The sailors associate the compass symbol as a sign of protection which helps them to get through the rough waters. At present, the compass tattoos are not only confined with the navigators, soldiers, and sailors but even has managed to win hearts of the young generation as well. These tattoos look stylish and cool as well as are associated with a symbolic deeper meaning which reflects the personality of a person. These tattoos are also associated with those people who feel lost in their lives and looking for the right path and direction.

Not only the design, but you also have to ensure the placement of a compass tattoo as it involves your money and time. Also, you have to undergo a painful process. The tattoos become a part of our life, choose wisely.

30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas:

Wanderlust with Compass:

30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Realistic Compass Tattoo:

30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Small compass and anchor tattoo:

30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Small Compass Tattoo on Wrist:


Feather Compass Tattoo:


Sun and Moon Inside Compass:


Sun, Compass and Roses Tattoos:


Compass Hit by an Arrow Tattoo:


Compass Tattoo on Lower Neck:


Wanderlust and Compass Tattoos on Shoulder:


Minimalist Compass Tattoo:


Compass North, South, West and East on Ankle:


Small North, South, West and East Compass Tattoos on Ankle:

30+ Best Compass Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Simple and Small Compass Tattoo Below Breast:


Compass Direction with Stars Tattoo:


New Compass with Geometric Lines Tattoo:


Look Compass with Blue Color Splash Tattoo:


Compass with Feather Tattoo:


Compass Side Tattoo for Women:


Rose and Compass Tattoos:


Flower-Like Tattoo with Compass:


Neck Compass Tattoo with Swirls:


Scenery inside a Compass Tattoo:


Dreamcatcher Compass Tattoo:


Compass tattoo with family initials:


Luna with Sun and Compass Tattoos on Upper Back:


Couples Compass Tattoos:


Roses and Compass Tattoo on Arm for Ladies:


Dreamcatcher with Compass Tattoo:


Compass Tattoo Below Neck:


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