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The sexualisation of women with tattoos |

The female body is sexually penetrative in its very nature. The skin forms a protective layer, but this can only protect so much. The argument that our skin should not be blemished is a prominent one. Tattooing a woman’s skin is a way of reclaiming it, in its purest form it is naked and sexually

Interview with Tattoo Artist Jenny MY Dubet |

Tattooer, Jenny MY Dubet, who works at Gypsy Blood in London, may have have only just started working in the industry, but she’s already creating powerful work. Her illustrations are much like black lace: delicate but also dark. With a saturnine aura, Jenny takes classic iconography and makes it her own with a hint of ancient

Moko Kauae: the chin tattoo |

Te Hāro o te Kāhu ki TuawhakarereSee beyond the horizon Piiata Lauren Turi-Heenan, 45, from Haumoana, New Zealand, tells the story of her chin tattoo, which was first published Things&Ink The Face Issue. Photo: Bashan Te Rau Oriwa Heenan ‘Moko Kauae, the chin tattoo, is a rite of passage, a symbolic expression and manifestation of a dynamic upward

Interview with tattoo artist, Cassandra Frances |

The face issue Things & Ink was published in 2013, this is an interview with its cover star, tattoo artist Cassandra Frances. I first met Cassandra in 2012 at End Times in Leeds where she used to work – I instantly fell in love with her warm nature and dedicated work ethic. She put me at ease

Tatts For Cats 2019 |

Tatts for Cats – a nationwide tattoo themed fundraiser to help cat charities is back for 2019! The tattoo events will take place across the country, featuring a mixture of traditional walk-in flash days and bookable appointments. Each artist and tattoo shop will be drawing cat themed designs especially for Tatts for Cats.   Organiser Dolly Osborne

Needle therapy |

Tales of the unexpected, discovering something you didn’t intend to while getting tattooed.  I feel intoxicated, out of control almost. I’m in a place beyond my body. It’s almost meditative. I don’t go to a tattoo artist for a therapy session, but there’s something about getting tattooed that feels like it’s turning you into the


Here at Things&Ink, tattoo conventions are our favourite place to be – it’s like being in a tattoo bubble, all under one roof, united by our passion! And we can spend hours searching for tattoo artists, and looking at their back catalogue of work. So we’ve compiled this round-up of some of our favourite artists who are attending the London