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How Getting a Tattoo after Rehab Helped me to Stay Sober |

Shaira is a marketing supervisor of a retail store in Denver City, Colorado, and this is how her personally designed tattoos helped her to  stay sober. The 26-year old shares how she started getting some ink after successfully getting out of rehab, and how it led her to design tattoos for others… When did you start

Tattoo Conundrum: Saving Space |

Editor Rosie shares her thoughts and fears about running out of space on her body for tattoos – and saving a gap for that artist who works half way across the world… If you’re anything like me, most of your time is filled up with scrolling through Instagram soaking in all the new tattoos created that day

Tattooed Critical Care Nurse |

28-year-old Imogen Crisp is a critical care nurse in Manchester who sports an impressive tattoo collection. We caught up with Imogen to find out about her job, what sort of reactions her tattoos get, as well as how she feels as a heavily tattooed woman… How long have you been working in your current role? I have

Interview with Caroline Derwent |

39-year-old tattoo artist Caroline Derwent works out of Dust n’ Bones Tattoo in Plymouth, UK where she creates an array of dotwork and colour tattoos in her girly traditional style… When did you start tattooing and what made you want to join the industry? I left school , went to art college and then to Manchester to do

Visual Artist: Ginger Taylor |

28-year-old Ginger Taylor is a freelance visual artist from Sydney Australia. We chat to Ginger about the art she makes, what inspires her and tattoos… How long have you been a visual artist and how did you become one? I’ve been properly freelance for just over two years now. I started out sign writing at JbHifi about three years ago

Sister of the Moon: Kimberly Walker |

24-year-old Kimberly, from Doncaster works at H&M and is a blogger at Sister of the Moon. We chatted to Kimberly about how she believes it is so important to open up about mental health on her blog and her incredible tattoo collection… How long have you been blogging, what inspired you to start a blog? I started my blog around two

An Interview with Lady Chappelle |

Birmingham-based illustrative artist Lady Chappelle has been tattooing for over three years. With a passion for travelling, Lady Chappelle has managed to do a lot in what could be considered a short time in our fast-moving industry. Guest blogger, Rebecca Rimmer Givens chats to the Disney fanatic about hopes, dreams, ambitions and why it’s important to stay