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Brave Collective: Ellen Duffy |

London based, freelance graphic designer Ellen Danielle Duffy, decided to create Brave Collective while kicking some breast cancer ass. A brand who are purveyors of merch inspired by rock culture, spreading the word on cancer in young adults. We chatted to Ellen about the brand’s ethos, her diagnosis and of course, tattoos… Founded by someone who has had

Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray: Philosophy & Tattooing |

Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, is Sessional Lecturer for Philosophy, Women’s Studies, and Social Justice & Peace Studies at King’s University College (Western), Advisory Board Member at the Centre for Tattoo History and Culture and Associate Editor for Journal of Camus Studies. Kimberly who was also a regular contributor to Things&Ink when the magazine was in print,  recently talked to Paul Fairfield

Mothercare #bodyproudmums |

March 9, 2019 Celebrating the beauty of post-birth bodies, Mothercare launches their Body Proud Mums Campaign. Representing women’s bodies and a side of motherhood that are rarely shown in the media today. At the heart of the campaign is the belief that all mums are beautiful. After all, their bodies have just performed a miracle.

Kiera & her Cat Tattoos |

Kiera creates beautifully soft and cute cat tattoos, so adorable in fact they look like you could reach out and boop their little noses. We chatted to Kiera to find out more about that tattoos she creates and her travel plans… Currently working in Melbourne Australia, Kiera will be travelling the world from June heading

Brighton Tattoo Convention: Street Style |

March 11, 2019 We adore tattoo conventions: everyone united by their passion under one roof, that buzz of tattoo needles and endless inked skin. We love stopping people to have a chat to find out more about their style and what they love about tattoos. Here’s who we chatted to at Brighton Tattoo Convention a couple

Tattooed Data Quality & Audit Officer |

44-year-old Richard Hughes is a Data Quality and Audit Officer for his local authority  in South East Wales. Richard is a researcher and part of a team that maintains and delivers helpdesk support to the authority, as he puts it “it’s as clinic and white collar as that, but, it pays.” We chatted to Richard about his extensive

Ravi Zupa Tattoo Gratitude Project |

Self-taught artist Ravi Zupa, is showing his gratitude to anyone who has decorated their body with his art. He has created a specially designed poster which he will give to anyone who wears or has made a tattoo of his work.  It seems to me that most tattoos are a symbolic means by which significant people