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Harness your power – Wolfmumma – Things&Ink

Based in North Wales Anna Jones (Wolfmumma) conjures witchy vibes and natural powers with her work. With a new studio location soon to be announced we chatted to the tattooer and illustrator about her style and how tattoos have returned her power to her… We love your witchy women, what inspires these and the rest

getting to know Stella Vlad – Things&Ink

As I have mentioned before, I am a creature of habit. But some habits have inevitably been shattered. What I love the most about New York City is its ability to be a port in a storm; in a life that constantly hits unexpected turbulence, I remember the persistence of places in the city to

Interview with Abigail Tonge – Things&Ink

We love the ornamental tattoos of blackwork artist Abigail Tonge, who tattoos at Ultimate Skin in Leeds. Usually she’s incredibly busy traveling, guesting at other shops in and outside of the UK, but during lockdown she had some time to talk to us about her style How long have you been tattooing, what inspired you

Meagan ‘Megz’ Stevens – Things&Ink

Megan ‘Megz’ Stevens creates Disney inspired tattoos at Bosco’s Tattoo Shop in, Tehachapi, California. We spoke to Megz about how she found she could connect with people through tattooing, and of course her obsession with Disney… How did you get into tattooing and what made you want to become a tattoo artist? I was on

time with Chris Wednesday – Things&Ink

I was once young; my skin had become storytelling, marking milestones, confirming relationships, affirming identity. Our contributor, Sarah Kay explores what changes and what stays the same when you get tattooed by the same artists years apart… I met Chris Wednesday when I was young – blonde – and making decisions about my career that

Black & Grey tattoos – Denis Torikashvili |

Denis Torikashvili (TDAN)  has been tattooing since 1997, he currently tattoos at Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, California. We chat to Denis about what inspires his realism tattoos and how he got started in the industry… The first time I saw artistic looking tattoos was in American movies in the 90s, before that I had only seen military or

Liv Morgan – Pretty yet strong tattoos |

We chat to tattoo artist Liv Morgan, who tattoos out of  St. Clair’s Tattoo, Portobello, Edinburgh about how tattooing makes her feel and owning all the petty yet strong tattoos… What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? Can you tell us about your journey into the industry. I’ve always loved drawing and designing. It’s always been the