Careers: Tattooed Nail Technician & Cosmetic Tattooer

29-year-old Brittany Roe is a nail technician and a cosmetic tattooer, who
specialises in Microblading eyebrows from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We chatted to Britt about her tattoos, creative nature and what she loves most about her job…


How long have you been working as a nail and brow technician? I’ve been a nail technician for about seven years and I’ve been microblading for just over a year now.

Have you always worked in the beauty industry? Is this what you trained to be? I’ve only worked in the beauty industry since training to be a nail technician. Before that I did school and uni, while working bar jobs from the age of 17. I trained to do both nails and microblading to be able to qualify and to be fully insured for both.


What does a regular day look like for you? A regular day consists of me working from home and having my clients come to me for nails, or sitting on the sofa with my dog Opie, drinking coffee. I work from my hairdresser friend’s salon Thirteen Hair and Beauty Lounge in Mansfield doing Microblading. I rent a little room from her and do that Thursdays and Saturdays.

What do you love about your job? I love my job when people come to me with exciting nail art choices, my clients are awesome so there’s always something fun to do. I also love creating my eyebrow client’s new brows, when they need a better shape and fullness. Eyebrows really shape your whole face, and it’s great to see them after especially when my clients can’t believe they get to keep them!


Your work is very creative does this spill into other aspects of your life? I think I’m a creative person in general, so probably not the most academic. My creative side definitely spills out into most of my life. The way I dress and being really into houses and interior design, I’ve decorated and designed my whole house interior. It was recently in Style at Home magazine, which was really cool, as sometimes I forget how lovely my house is, so to see it in print was great.

How would you describe your style? Do your tattoos reflect this? My style changes a lot I think, at the moment I’m really into 70s styles, floaty dresses, platforms, tassels etc. I tend to just where whatever I want, I’m not scared of a snazzy shirt or a bright colour. But I also love a band tee and a pair of vans. My tattoos reflect certain aspects of my life, but some are also just stuff I’ve fancied and not thought too much about.


How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it? I got my first tattoo at the age of 18. I wanted one before and always bought tattoo magazines, but I had a few friends in school who got them underage and they were shit, so I decided to wait because I didn’t want that for me! However, I am currently getting my first one covered up with a back piece I’ve just started so.

Do you have a favourite tattoo? I’m really lucky, I have some really amazing work by some great artists. I have a few faves. My chest piece by Jody Dawber, her work is amazing, and I’m super lucky to have a few pieces from her. My left sleeve by Toby Gawler, as it’s all to do with my grandparents. I don’t usually get too many tattoos that have meaning so my arm is really special, and my grandmother cried when I showed it to her and explained it all.


I have two of my dog, Opie. One on my foot by Alastair at Creepin’ Reaper Tattoo and one of me holding opie, recently by Harriet Heath. I love him so much I had to get two tattoos of him. Me and my fiancé, Joe are getting married in a few weeks in Las Vegas, and travelling to LA after, and Jody dawber is going to do us a matching wedding tattoo, so I think that could possibly be a new favourite.


Have your tattoos ever affected your work career at all or have they helped it? Being self employed my tattoos don’t affect my work. I think with Microblading my clients kind of like it, as a few of them have mentioned they feel more at ease for me to tattoo their face, because I have them myself. With nails my regular clients are really cool, some are similar and the others just know me and it doesn’t really matter. It’s other aspects of life I feel it affects more, like wearing a dress in summer and getting stared at by everyone!

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