35+ Best Bow Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Most of the tattoo lover’s love being fancier and nothing can look fancier than the bow ties. And yes, the bow ties have finally made a hit through the tattoo community. The bow ties are associated with strength and are more common among the cancer survivors. Bow tattoos designs can be anything from being more complex to a minimalist style which includes the colors and the shading. The bow tie symbol perfectly fits in with the bigger tattoo designs.

What actually do the bows represent?

Historically, bows are worn on clothes by the women and girls. It used to symbolize their femininity. It was a logical progression in a form of a decoration on the body. Other than femininity and strength, the bow ties represent the union, presentation of a gift, beauty, remembrance, and love. We all know that bows are the ribbons which are used for tying a functional or a decorative knot. They are the ancient symbols of loyalty and strength.

If you are a woman and seeking to get a tattoo, then the best option is to have a bow tattoo. Most of the women prefer to get inked with bow tattoos because they find it symbolic. Bow tattoos designs are associated with the liberated way of the women in the recent times. Even men do prefer having a bow tattoo, especially those who experienced suppression in their life.

The bow tattoos look just too cute and are quite in fashion these days. Women prefer to get a bow tattoo because it does work well with the accessories they love to wear. The size of these bow tattoos depends on the person and the body part. The most common body parts to get a bow tattoo include arms, wrist, and legs.

35+ Best Bow Tattoos Designs and Ideas:

Today, we are here with the 35+ best bow tattoos designs and ideas. By doing this, we hope that we will be able to give you the inspiration to get yourself inked with a bow tattoo.

Cool 3D bow tattoo on a girls back:


Sexy laced bow tattoo on a girls back:


Inner forearm small tattoos:

35+ Best Bow Tattoos Designs and Ideas

bow tattoos on back of neck:

35+ Best Bow Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Cute Bow Tattoo:

35+ Best Bow Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Bow Tattoo behind the ear:


red ribbon tattoo on shoulder:


Pretty red tattoo on a girl’s thigh:

Bow Tattoo

Sexy Multi-colored tattoo on girl’s thigh:

Bow Tattoo

red bow tattoo on a girl’s wrist:


Tiny tattoo of a bow on a girl’s thumb:


Tiny black tattoo on girl’s wrist:


Simple tattoo of a bow on a girls arm:


Small Purple tattoo of a bow just behind the ankle:


Cute and simple tattoo of a bow on a girl’s wrist:


Medium-Size Red Bow:


Long, Ornate Ribbon:


Minimalist Outline:


Hearts and Anchors:


Cool Bow tattoos:


Heart-Centered Bow:


Black Outline with Shading:


Loose Black Ribbon:


Two Tiny Bows:


Girly Bow:


Double Bow and Shadow Play:


Red and Black:


Purple Lace Circle:


Bow Tattoo on Back:


Tiny Bow Tattoos:


Pink Bow Tattoo:

Bow Tattoos Designs

Cute Bow Tattoos:

Bow Tattoos Designs

Lovely Red Ribbon Bow Tattoo:


You have so many choices in hand and you are free to customize these Bow Tattoos Designs the way you want to.

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