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We love finding new apprentices, it’s always so exciting to see new artists growning and finding their place in the tattoo world. Tattoo apprentice Amy Riot tattoos out of Legacy tattoo studio, in North Devon, under the watchful eye of her mentor Lee Howell…


How long have been apprenticing and how did you get one? I’ve studied art up to degree level, and have had a couple of indie brands, and a vintage shop since finishing.

I’ve always wanted to get into tattooing but it was never the right time or situation for me.

My daughter was just about to start school, and together with being in my early 30s, I had a ‘now or never’ moment. I had a few tattooist friends help me make a portfolio, and In late 2018 I bit the bullet and went into Legacy to show it to Lee.

Luckily the universe was on my side. I couldn’t have found a better place, or better people to be in the company of and learn from.

Do you have any tips for those looking to get into tattooing? Draw lots, in all sorts of styles. Get tattooed by various artist. Hang around shops you like the vibe of.


What inspired you to become a tattoo apprentice/artist? Being creative is the only thing I’ve ever been good at. I’ve had a couple of indie brands in the past, and still run one as a sideline. But getting into tattooing has always been the dream. I get to combine my love of art together with my love of tattoos.

What has been your favourite tattoo to date, and what would you like to do more of? That’s a hard one?! I love it when people come in and choose a piece of my own artwork from my flash book. It’s a great feeling that someone wants to wear your artwork on their skin for life. I’d like to do more of my own art but I’m happy to try most things whilst I’m an apprentice to vary my skills.



Where do you see your style going? I’m a big lover of traditional tattoos and would love to hone my style more. Over time I feel my work will evolve naturally. The fun part is getting there, and seeing the change as I progress!

How have you found being a woman in a still very male dominated tattoo industry? So far I haven’t had any issues. There are so many great female tattooist out there that have paved the way, making it easier for girls starting out like me. I’m sure in the future I may experience some negativity, but to me, being male or female doesn’t factor into being a good tattooist.


What does tattooing and being tattooed mean to you? I feel that being tattooed gives you license to create yourself as an individual, much like clothing, it’s an extension of your personality. Being able to tattoo other people means the same, helping people express themselves is a great feeling!


We love the pin-up you did of our editor Rosalie, do you take commissions? Yes! As well as my apprenticeship I run my own little indie brand Yesterday’s Youth. I make commission art prints and hand painted jackets, as well as other prints and merch, all designed by myself.

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