Airbrush Tattoos As Marketing and advertising Tool


Advertising managers across America are consistently searching to find the next greatest giveaway for tradeshows and corporate events. Airbrush tattoos are the advertising and marketing phenomenon numerous marketers have been waiting for.

At the most recent US Open of Surfing, hundreds of tattooed teenagers were operating around imprinted with the “Honda” logo. What an revolutionary and inventive approach for advertising your brand. Not only have been these short-term tattoos not some thing picked up one particular minute and thrown away the next, individuals have been lining up to see what the commotion was all about.

At a recent computer software tradeshow at Moscone Center in San Francisco, one revolutionary firm, CedarCrestone of Georgia, utilized a neighborhood short-term tattoo organization to put their organization logo on guests who would be attending the companies private celebration later in the evening. The tattooed logo was the “Private Invitation” to let guests in the door.

The tattoo business functions directly with other large corporations such as Google, Yahoo, CNET, Tellme, Maly’s, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Fireman’s Fund Insurance coverage, IKEA, GenArt and Sprint. Although short-term tattoos have been about for decades, their mainstream use in film and marketing have contributed to their popularity.

If you are wracking your brain attempting to come up with new approaches to supply excitement at your child’s birthday celebration or corporate event, contemplate hiring an airbrush artist to come in and give your guests tattoos. The kids will have a blast sporting their new ‘ink’ and you will have the satisfaction of being aware of that it is not permanent. The added bonus is the parents can reside a little and get that unique tattoo they have often wanted.

The drawback to temporary tattoos, in addition to its lack of permanency, is that they are frequently hard to locate. Tattoo parlors usually do not offer you these less costly attributes. Looking the net is the best technique for locating an airbrush organization.

Whether or not you are looking to take your subsequent promotional occasion to the subsequent level or bridging the gap in entertainment, airbrush tattoos are secure, temporary, painless and exciting for the complete family members.

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