30 Most Popular Armband Tattoo

Gone are the days, when fashion was limited to sporting hip apparels and accessories alone. In today’s date, one brand new trend, which has been unveiled with regards to the fashion arena as such, is nothing, but that of tattoo art. There was a time when people were seen getting tattoos inked on common body regions including the likes of one’s arm, leg, back and shoulders. With time, the desire to opt for something more unique and one of its kind cropped in, which in the end encouraged people to explore the area of armband tattoos. All said and done, you are sure to come across quite a lot of alternatives as far as armband tattoo variants in general are concerned.

One mistake that many people end up doing is that they head straight to a known tattoo artist and get an armband tattoo inked without really understanding the meaning of the tattoo that has been inked by them. This lack of understanding leads to such individuals repenting their decision at a later stage. If you wish to avoid being caught in such a tight fix, then it would be in your best interest to better acquaint yourself with the meaning of the armband tattoo that you decide to get inked well beforehand.

A most common appearance is with regards to black armband tattoos. Even though such tattoos look absolutely stylish, they stand for a friend or a relative, who has been lost by you. Hence, it is better to not sport such a tattoo if the above reason does not hold true in your case.

Yet another largely sported armband tattoo design among masses as such is that of a barbed wire. This armband tattoo variant is mainly adopted by followers of Christianity in particular. This is because the said design is known to hold a deep connection with Lord Jesus Christ, who is the founder of the religion of Christianity.

On one hand, you can opt for extremely simple armband tattoos, while on the other side you can zero on highly intricate and complex tattoo designs. Moreover, both men and women can go ahead and get armband tattoos inked.

Letter Tattoo:

Armband Tattoo

Floral Tattoo:

Floral armband tattoo design

Hypnotic Armand Tattoo:


Bauhaus Art Tattoo:


Gradient Tattoo:


Fox Tattoo:

Floral armband tattoo design

Polynesian Tattoo:


Forest Landscape Armband Tattoo:


Mountain Landscape Tattoo:


Hindi Style Tattoo:


Braid and Feather Tattoo:


A Thinner Floral Tattoo:


Solid Lines with a Twist Tattoo:


Spikes Tattoo:


A Line for Each Name Armband Tattoo:


Colorful Lines Tattoo:


Owl Eyes Tattoo:


Bird and Flowers Armband Tattoo:


Roses Armband Tattoos:


Triangles Tattoo:


Cross Tattoo:


A Bird Standing Out:


A Gap in the Tattoo:


Om Tattoo:


Moon Phase Tattoo:


The Eye that sees it All:


City Landscape Tattoo:


Pattern Tattoo:


Orchid and Triangle Tattoo:


A Date on an Tattoo:


Simple Flower Tattoo:

Armband Tattoo

Haven’t got an armband tattoo inked so far? Now is the time to go ahead with the same.

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