30+ Popular Rose Tattoos Designs for Inspiration

Roses are one of the most admired flowers and have been one of the favorite subjects for the artists in illustrations and paintings. The rose tattoos are associated with a rich symbolic meaning and their beauty. These tattoos are the most famous ones among both men and women. The tattoos are associated with the marks of fertility, rites of passage, amulets and talismans, marks of status and rank, punishment, symbols of spiritual and religious devotion, marks of convicts, outcasts and slaves, sexual lures and decorations of bravery. The impact and the symbolism of the rose tattoos vary in different colors, designs, cultures and places.

You all might not be aware of the fact that each color of the rose is associated with different meanings. Like the red rose represents romantic love, love, beauty, yellow rose represents friendship and joy, dark red rose represents unconscious beauty and black rose represents passing away or death. The roses even depict the beginning of new things, a new journey. The Rose Tattoos Designs often appear with other objects which are associated with different meanings. Roses are extremely beautiful and lovely as well as the best thing to help in a purpose which leaves a good memory. So, people get themselves inked with the rose tattoos in memory of their loved ones.

The roses have always been the praises of beauty, so getting them inked on your body is really a good idea. These tattoos are significantly popular among the women and are available in varied designs. Why are women most attracted towards the rose tattoos? Because most of the women get proposals with one or the other kind of roses and they just want to get themselves inked with the one to have a memory for long. The rose tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, but most of the women get them inked on their shoulders or arms.

One of the most famous rose tattoo designs is the tribal rose tattoos which are linear as well as long and look perfect on arm or ankle. If you really want to have a memory etched with you for long, then just have a look at these trendy rose tattoo designs.

30+ Popular Rose Tattoos Designs for Inspiration:

Check out this collection of popular rose tattoos designs for inspiration.

Rose Full Back Tattoo:


Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs on Shoulder:


Roses Tattoo for Girl on Shoulder:

rose tattoos designs

3D Red Rose Tattoo:


Bird Shoulder Design:


Rose Tattoos Designs on hip:


Rose Tattoo on Wrist:


Rose Tattoo on Thigh:


Cool Rose Tattoo on Thigh:

rose tattoos designs

Rose and Rosary Tattoos:

Rose Tattoos

Abstract Sleeve:


Guns n Roses Tattoo:


Shaded Roses Tattoo:


Cute Healed Roses Tattoo:



Black Rose Tattoo on Foot:


Simple Rose Tattoos:


Rose Tattoos Behind Ear:


Rose Tattoo on the Arm:


Beauty and the Beast Watercolor Rose Tattoo:


Rose Tattoo on Back Shoulder:


Attractive Rose Tattoos:


Rose Tattoo Designs on side of body:


Guns n Roses Tattoo:


Awesome Rose Tattoo:


Rose Tattoo – Black and Grey Thigh:


Cute Healed Roses Tattoo:


Rose Flower With Ornaments:


Rose Tattoo – Japanese Tattoos:


Simple Rose Tattoo:


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