30+ Cool Key & Lock Tattoos for Inspiration

If you are thinking to get inked with the key & lock tattoos, then do you know the meaning behind it? Yes, the key tattoos have symbolic meanings associated with it. It is a sign which has a purpose of granting the access to the things which are otherwise inaccessible. The key tattoos are the metaphors or the symbols which have different elements of mystery because we don’t have any idea what is behind the door or what it will unlock for us. The key & lock tattoo designs can be fancified in different ways including filigrees, floral styles, skulls, colors, hearts, ribbons and much more. Placement of these tattoos are according to your choice, but the popular areas include ankles, chest, fingers, shoulders, back of the neck, rib cage, hands and arms.

The key tattoos have a common design with the incorporation of the letters or the lock tattoo at a nearby area or on the partner’s body. The pair of key & lock tattoo is quite really a popular one among lovers because it means completion, the right partner, the wholeness and the exclusive devotion for each other. Even the lock tattoos have customized styles like heart shape or puzzle piece, etc. If you want to get inked with the smallest sized key tattoo, then the most discrete area is the bottom of the lip. The key & lock tattoos can be inked at multiple sizes, styles, and colors. They can be shrunk to the fingers or can be stretched over the shoulders. You can pick these styles from the realistic or traditional colors or black and gray with the dot work.

The key & lock tattoos are meant for each other. It means that they are born together and is especially for the friends or the lovers who cannot live without each other. These tattoos are really cute and romantic because they symbolize long-lasting and a stable relationship through the challenge of time. The two individuals are connected to each other through an invisible bond which none can break. If you get inked with both key & lock tattoo on your own body itself then it has a different meaning. It symbolizes that you want to be free, independent from your past, the pain inside you.

Arm Key Tattoo Idea:


Back Lock And Key Tattoo:


Best Friends Lock Key Tattoo:


Big Key Tattoo:


Big Skeleton Key Tattoo:


Chrissy Key Tattoo:


Blue Key Tattoo:


Cute Heart Key Tattoo:


Fancy Ear Key Tattoo:


Flawer Key Tattoo:


Foot Key Tattoo:


Heart Lock and Key Leg Tattoo:


Key Rose Tattoo:


Lock and Key Half Sleeve Tattoo:


Lock and Key Forearm Tattoo:


Key To My Heart Tattoo:


Lock and Key Tattoo on Back for Girl:


Lock and Key Tattoo on Chest:


Lock and Key Tattoo on Finger:


Lock And Key Tattoo On Hands:


Lock Tattoo:


Key and Lock Tattoos Behind the Ear:


Lock and Key Wrist Tattoo:


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