30+ Collar Bone Tattoos for Women

In today’s date, a good number of people are seen turning towards tattoo artists in order to get their bodies inked. There was a time, when people were extremely choosy as far as getting their bodies inked was concerned. Moreover, people use to get tattoos made on common body regions such as one’s arm, leg or even back for that matter. However, with changing times, people have started exploring rare body parts in order to sport tattoo designs. Some people have gone an extra mile ahead and given away their entire body to be used as a tattoo canvas. This in turn has brought collar bone tattoos in the limelight.

The body part on which one gets a tattoo inked, decides as to whether or not the said tattoo is suitable only for men in particular or can be adopted by both men as well as women. As far as collar bone tattoos are concerned, they are known to be popular between both men and women alike. Hence, it would not be wrong to claim that collar bone tattoos are gender neutral. However, with men venturing into certain other body regions with regards to tattoo art, collar bone tattoos have ended up becoming a common phenomenon especially among women.

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There are two primary reasons, which persuade each and every one of us to get our bodies tattooed. The first reason is nothing, but the fact that a tattoo helps us to better express our self. Apart from this, the desire to step out and engage into something distinct and unique encourages us to opt for tattoo art. Both the above areas are fully taken care of in case of collar bone tattoos. One highlight feature associated with collar bone tattoos in that they are extremely prominent and thus visible to one and all.

Keeping aside all the above advantages associated with collar bone tattoos for girls, there are a few shortcomings that come with this particular tattoo design as well. Getting a collar bone tattoo done is known to involve a lot of pain and discomfort. Hence, anyone, who is incapable of tolerating pain, cannot opt for this type of tattoo.

It is quite common for each one of us to enjoy attention from outsiders. However, attention only up to a certain level is desirable. When such attention ends up crossing the limit line, things start becoming ugly. In case of collar bone tattoos, this fine line of differentiation is crossed little too often.

30+ Collar Bone Tattoos for Women:

Save the Date Collar Bone Tattoos:

collar bone tattoos

Follow your heart:


Little and Fierce Collar Bone Tattoo:


Dust yourself off:


Hidden in plain sight:


Make a statement tattoo:


On a cloudy day:


Where words fail:


Mistakes happen:


Proverbs 31:25:


Felines need loving too collar bone tattoos:

tatouage sur l epaule femme-1482767908667



Experience the Magic:


Second star on the left:



collar bone tattoos

You are divergent:


Love to Love:


Learn to Fly:


Eternal Elegance:


Moving Mountains:


Colors of the Wind:


Flaws and All:

collar bone tattoos

Shot to the Heart:


Opposites attract:

collar bone tattoos

The fabric of life:

collar bone tattoos

The caged bird:


A little love:



collar bone tattoos

Bird Tattoo:


Artistic Tattoo:

collar bone tattoos

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