35 Best Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

While passing by any church, we are bound to see just one thing, a CROSS. It is a timeless symbol which is associated a date back in the 5th century with a deep meaning behind it. When we come across a word Christianity, we are reminded of a crucifixion and of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was executed by being nailed to a wooden cross which was his punishment. But both the beams of the cross represent different ideas. The horizontal beam is associated with a female having thoughts of Earth, destruction, and death. While the vertical beam is associated with a male having ideas of being full of life, eternal and active.

We are here today with the best cross tattoos designs. The cross tattoo designs are extremely popular among men because they are striking and symbolic in nature. These tattoos can be incorporated well with a number of designs. And you really need not be a Christian to have a cross tattoo inked on your body. It is not only associated with Christianity, but it even has another meaning associated in secular life as well. This actually gives us plenty of reasons to get inked with beautiful cross tattoos designs. There are countless varieties of Cross Tattoos Designs for and Women and Men available out there and extremely popular among the Christians.

When we say that there are innumerable cross tattoos designs, we mean that they are available as Celtic cross, tribal cross, ankh cross and much more. The cross tattoos are versatile in their looks and can be stylized in a number of ways. The best thing about these tattoos is that a person can wear them anywhere on their body. You can have a cross tattoo etched on your shoulder, finger, large full-back, neck or anywhere you are comfortable with. And yes, you can have them on your knuckles as well which looks quite cool and gives a permanent ring-effect. While choosing a cross tattoo, you really can’t go wrong because they are timeless, beautiful and meaningful.

35 Best Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women:

Now, enjoy the pictures of the best cross tattoo designs and choose the one which you think will look the best on you. You can even let us know if you also have the pictures of beautiful cross tattoos designs.

Rosary Cross and Praying Hands:


Winged Memorial:


Cross Tattoos:


Snake cross:


Dragon cross tattoo:


Cross Black and Grey:


Cross tattoo:


A unique style Cross tattoo:


Jesus Christ on Cross Tattoo:


Cross Tattoo:


stone cross:


Cross and Draconic Wing:


A small cross tattoo:


Two aztec Cross tattoos:


Cross tattoo on Thigh:


Cross tattoo on hand:


Cross tattoo on back:


Cross tattoo on leg:


Cross tattoo on wrist:


Small Cross tattoo:


Cross tattoo with barbed wire:


Religious tattoos:


tiny cross tattoo design behind ear:


beautiful cross tattoo:


Cross tattoo design on fingers:


Cross tattoo with anchor on wrist:


lovely cross tattoo


cross tattoo:

Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Cross tattoo with rose on neck:


amazing cross tattoo on back:


tribal Cross tattoo:


Simple Cross tattoos with red roses:


cross tattoo on upper back:

Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Cross tattoo on ankle:

Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

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