30+ Awesome Koi Fish Tattoos Designs

In the recent times, getting one’s body tattooed has become a very in thing especially among all the youngsters out there. All young souls look forward to flaunt their respective tattoos. It gives them a massive sense of pride. A number of different designs are available as far as tattoos in general are concerned. Based on one’s individual likes and preferences, he or she can take the final call. However, of late, out of the many tattoo variants floating in the market, one tattoo design, which has been successful in winning maximum number of hearts is nothing, but fish tattoos.

Fish Tattoos come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moreover, each fish tattoo design tends to carry a distinct meaning altogether. Based on what message you would like to get inked on your body, you can pick out a fish tattoo in particular.

Fish tattoos in general are considered to be extremely lucky as they rightfully act as mascots of wealth and prosperity. This particular tattoo form takes its inspiration from the Japanese. In Japan, they are better known as Koi Fish Tattoos.

Koi is a highly respected fish in Japan. This is mainly because; the Koi Fish is known to possess a great deal of patience. Moreover, this fish is known for going strong even during times of heavy crisis. These features held by this fish make it a big hit among tattoo lovers.

Koi fish can be spotted in different colors. Each color portrays a unique description altogether. Having said that, if color tattoo excites you, then you will have to familiarize yourself with the story behind the individual colors of koi and finally zero down on the color variant that best defines you. For example, colors such as black, red, blue and pink stand for family positions. On the other hand, there are few other colors such as gold, which help attract positive happenings and emotions.

In order to get a perfect fish tattoo made, you need to settle for a renowned fish tattoo artist. Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra in order to enjoy the same.

30+ Awesome Koi Fish Tattoos Designs:

All said and done, if you are looking forward to get your first tattoo inked, then you should definitely consider the 30+ Awesome Koi Fish Tattoos Designs that follow.

Two Koi Fish Tattoos on Back:


Tribal Koi Tattoo:


Traditional Koi Fish:


Tiny Koi Tattoo On Hand:



Swimming Koi Tattoos On Back:


Spotted Koi Fish Tattoo In A Pond:


Koi Fish with Spots:


Sleeve Koi Tattoo:


Sleeve Koi Fish:


Koi Fish Tattoo for Men:


Koi Fish Rib Cage Tattoos:

Koi Fish Rib Cage Tattoos Beauty Tattoo Art

Orangle Sweet Koi Fish Tattoo:


Koi Fish Tattoo on Tattoo:


Outstanding Colorful Koi Tattoo:


Mermaid With Koi Fish:


Koi Tattoo With Waves Full Sleeve:


Koi Tattoo with Water Waves:


Koi Tattoo with Japanese Slayer:


Koi Tattoo with Japanese Lantern:


Koi Tattoo with Flower:


Koi Tattoo with Floral Elements:


Koi Tattoo with Colorful Flower:

Koi Fish Tattoos Designs

Koi Tattoo with Clouds:


Koi Tattoo with Chinese Letters:


Koi Tattoo with Cherry Blossom and Waterlily:


Koi Tattoo with Beautiful Flowers:


Koi Tattoos with Flowers and Waves:


Koi Fish Tattoos on Wrist:

Koi Fish Tattoos Designs

Koi Tattoo Sleeve for Women:


Koi Tattoo on Thigh:

Koi Fish Tattoos Designs

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