20+ Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration

Since the beginning of time, butterflies are those insects which have been the major source of admiration for the man. Butterflies are those playful things which hop from flowers to flowers and have a great attraction value while boosting their vibrant colors. These beautiful creatures not only featured in the paintings and the poems but even occupied a major place in the world of tattoo art. There are numerous designers who are working on beautiful, innovative and attractive butterfly tattoos for both men and women. These designers keep their apprehensive eyes over the intricacy and the beauty of these tattoo designs.

The butterfly tattoos are most popular among women because these designs are considered to be vibrant and feminine which reflects the personality of a young lady. But, now these butterfly tattoos are even liked by men as well. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures which draw the attention of an individual in a quick and a single glimpse. The butterflies are associated with the heart’s gentleness and soul’s purity because they are fragile. They even stand for the affection, love, and beauty. These tiny insects rarely get to anyone and fly away instantly which is why they are associated with flight.

The butterfly tattoos are exclusively beautiful and exquisite which attracts people when inked on any body part. The small butterfly tattoos are usually inked under the ear, wrist, finger, neck or ankle while the large butterfly tattoos are inked on the leg, chest, arm, back, shoulders or thighs. The butterflies are the most eye-catching creatures where size doesn’t really matter. So, if you really want to catch the attention of the onlookers, then you can have the butterfly tattoo design inked in any size or color. These tattoos look beautiful with the objects like an anchor, dream catchers and much more. These tattoos have managed to acquire a desirable status among the people.

The butterfly tattoos are available in varied sizes, color, patterns and designs as well as even the designers are working hard to design exclusive butterfly tattoos for increasing the popularity. These designs are basically preferred by the girls because they are considered to be more feminine. So, here we have mentioned some of the best attractive butterfly tattoo designs.

30+ Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration:

Check out this cool collection of 20+ Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration.

Upper Back Butterfly Tattoos:


Upper Back Monarch Black Color Butterfly Tattoos:

Black color upper back butterfly tattoos

3d Butterfly Tattoo In Greenish Color:

Butterfly in Pastels

Butterfly Tattoo on Leg:


Butterfly Side Tattoo:


Butterfly on Thigh:

Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration

Arm Tattoo:


Butterfly Neck Tattoo:

Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration

Neck Tattoo:


Blue And Purple Butterfly Tattoo:

butterfly foot tattoos

Pink  3d Butterfly Tattoos On Shoulder:

butterfly tattoos 2

Believe Butterfly Tattoo On Foot:

butterfly tattoos foot tattoos

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo:


Back Tattoo:


Wrist Tattoo:


Colorful Butterfly Tattoo:


Back Tattoo:


Blue Butterfly Tattoo:


Behind the Ear Butterfly Tattoo:


Foot Butterfly:


Cute Butterfly Tattoo:


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